You remember KodiLam right? North Chicago rapper who recently released his debut single “Mayor For A Day” ft. Noelz Vedere. Well if you don’t remember you’re very lucky because now you’ll have the chance to actually meet KodiLam. After his release we’ve been keeping in touch with the young superstar in his journey to stardom, we got the chance to speak with him and get a little bit more insight on the mysterious new comer in the game. Below you’ll be able to read Kodi’s interview as well as stream Mayor For A Day if you haven’t heard it already.

Who are you?

Kodi: I am kodiLam, the youngest legend

Where are you from?

Kodi: from the North side of Chicago, but I stay on the Low end now

What do you do?

Kodi: I rap raps and finesse every day to be honest

How long have you been rapping? & Finessing?

Kodi: Man I’ve been rapping since like 6th or 7th grade. Been finessing for 19 years and counting.

How did you first get into rapping?

Kodi: l sucked at ALL sports but I could write some amazing stuff. My homie Chris Back damn near was the one that was helping write a lot of stuff in 6th grade. From there I just always loved making music

Was there any specific influences at the time that made you decide rapping was the right way to go?

Kodi: My big brothers Niche and Chris Hinton. Niche would come over my crib after school and we’d just be straight rapping for hours, fuck homework. Then Chris has just been guiding me thru every bit of this since day fucking 1.

So you would say Niche & Chris helped form KodiLam for who he is today? Or is there some other experiments that led to this?

Kodi: Both of them helped AND anyone that ever played a role in supporting me with this. From the Cold Wind family, 127-135 gang, to my Skee Dee brothers. All of them been in my corner

So what was it like for you when you first started releasing your music? Did you notice the support instantly?

Kodi: Ah yeah for sure. I had an EP back in sophomore year called 97 Livin. It had a promo video for the release and everything. It got so much love I ended up getting a show and radio interview all of that. That was back when I was going under my old rap name Cor-E. I had just transferred to a new school and incoming junior year everyone knew me as that short ass kid who raps. So the support forever has been there.

Chicago is known as a big bucket of crabs for rappers trying to make a name for themselves, what do you think you did differently to have Chicago fans support you the way they did at such a young age?

Kodi: I’m always true to myself g. There’s hella waves that I coulda followed but for what? To sit there and be someone I’m not? That ain’t my style. I never lied in any of my songs. Everything you hear I’ve done or I definitely will do. Gotta speak things into existence.

Do you notice the increase in rappers not being themselves in Chicago?

Kodi: The Chicago scene is full of 2 things. Genuine rappers and Wave riders. Now however you decide to categorize each person is all based on your preference. I know where I stand at the end of the day. This scene full of A LOT of “characters”. Some get a little recognition and just lose sight of it.

With all the recognition you’ve been getting recently how do you stay focused on your plan?

Kodi: You gotta do what you HAVE to do, so you can do what you WANT to do. I know that there’s more to the world than Chicago. There’s more to music than just posting on Soundcloud. It’s bigger than all of that. I HAVE to keep dropping bombs because I WANT to be better than the next “upcoming” artist.

What was it that you experienced that gave you this mindset? Because a lot of artists say they only get serious when something happens

Kodi: If you don’t take yourself serious now, why should someone else take you serious? You could walk into this music life w/ no plan at all and just take the “what if” route. Or you can have a steady plan, follow a protocol, and execute it. Your work ethic is everything. Take this shit serious or else you will fall into the norm, and no one wants that.

A couple months back you released “Mayor For A Day” with Noelz Vedere, what was the inspiration or story behind that debut single?

Kodi: Mannnn I was on the train headed to the studio. So Soundcloud has got that new autoplay shit where it continues music from artists all over. I’m in a mix of some joint and I heard “saywhatt” by J.Robb. We bumped that song the whole night in that session. I come back a week later and Noelz put me on to J.Robb’s traktrain. We had heard the Mayor beat and just knew that was meant for us. And the rest is history.

How did you meet Noelz ?

Kodi: I got put on to his music back like junior year. I was in Trig and my big brother Chris txt me. It was a joint by Noelz and Freddie Gibbs called “Out of Focus”. Mannnn that shit had crazy raps and flows. exactly one year later I met Noelz. Chris invited me to a studio session. Ever since then I’ve gained a great friendship with Noelz. Damn near more than just a friend I really do look up to him, cus he’s helped me and put me on to so many tricks with music.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

Kodi: Gonna keep getting my name circled around and put in everyone’s ear. kodiLam will defly have a buzz everywhere. Cold Wind vs the World, is the motto. There’s no limits at all.

Anything you want to say to the fans?

Kodi: Love me, hate me, your choice. But you definitely will know my name.

So by now you should definitely know who KodiLam is now, and I don’t wanna hear any excuses of why you don’t. You can follow Kodi on his Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up with news and new music. You can download “Mayor For A Day” from the download link here. Also be on the lookout for Kodi’s future collaboration with Cold Wind in the future. Don’t worry, you’ll be thanking us later when you’re telling all your friends about Kodi.