Fort Worth’s Keenan Norwood is a passionate artist, a refreshing soul to see at work. With one goal, as stated, he wishes to spread love & share art. His past releases have seen R&B & Rap vibes. Channel Blue, Keenan’s debut EP is classic & concise. boasting soulful production, boom-bap instrumentals & well thought out lyrics.

Though it was not displayed much in the EP, Keenan has a knack for making songs that catch the rhythm & blues vibe, especially with frequent collaborator Breanna Hernandez.

J. Dot, Keenan’s brother & also another frequent collaborator seems to bring out a different vibe from the artist. When these two link up you can undoubtedly expect very conscious & apparent lyrics.

Keenan has been gearing up to release his next project (plus some other goodies) & rocking at live performances in the meantime. Of course, I’ve got all the details in the interview, check it out.


What city did you grow up in & how did it influence your music? I grew up in Fort Worth, TX; about 30 minutes away from Dallas. My city has influenced me because the people here are just so open, loving and laid back; just like myself. There’s a vibe here, that’s a MAJOR KEY!

Who is Keenan Norwood? Keenan is a creator, a lovebird, a free spirit & someone who strives to make people feel good, including myself.

How do you describe your style? I would describe my style as all-around. I don’t have a certain style. I flow from old school hip hop to trap to dance music to love stories. There’s no limitation for me.

Are you a perfectionist? Somewhat, but I believe that great work stems from learning from your mistakes first.

What’s your main focus right now? My main focus right now is spreading love and sharing the things that I love to create for others to be motivated and strive to succeed in life in whatever they want to do. I like to uplift, that’s my main focus.

What you been working on lately? As of late, I’ve been pretty occupied with my new album “Speed Dial”, my new poetry collective entitled Please Don’t Stop Loving Me & working on my graphic designs for some new merchandise

How’s Speed Dial coming along, what’s it sound like? It is coming along quite smoothly, it’s a different route from my last project Channel Blue you can expect to hear more upbeat, love story vibrations.

Though they are different art mediums, how does it compare to “Please Don’t Stop Loving Me” & what is that project comprised of? They actually tie in together, I started both at the same time. the album will give off a visual, more raw sense of my love life as to where the book will consist of more descriptive, hands-on mindset perspectives.

And how is the merch doing? You got any sample pieces? I have a meeting in 2 weeks to discuss the actually design placements. where they will go & how much quantity to start out with. right now my main focus is shirts and hats. steering towards this logo i made for my independent label Kreative Minds.

What’s up with kreative minds? what’s it about? Kreative Minds is an independent label that I started alongside my brother J. Dot about 5 years ago. we have 5 artists, 1 DJ & 2 photographers. we strive to always start as a family and end as a family, there’s no breakage and no in-between. it’s all love. we accept all counts of creativity, not just music. we have always been about peace, love & positivity. building together is everything.

How long does it usually take you to finish a track? About 10-15 minutes, takes me about 3 takes tops to finish my verse then the rest is adlibs & mix and mastering from my brother/best friend J. Dot.

Do you write or freestyle your songs? Honestly, I do both. It’s fun that way. Sometimes when I freestyle, I come up with cool/playful lines that I think sound good.

What mainstream artists keep you motivated to do better? Throughout high school, I struggled with depression and lacked self love and artists like Kid Cudi, KYLE, Skizzy Mars, Childish Gambino & Tyler, The Creator were extreme motivators for me.

How do you feel about hip hop? Hip hop is in a weird place. A good kind of weird. There’s so many different sounds and different styles and different flows. It’s a HUGE pool of creation. It’s beautiful to me and that doesn’t just reside in this genre, it’s all genres.

What is your favorite music genre & where do you pull inspiration from? I hate to sound cliche, but I don’t have a favorite genre. I’m open-minded when it comes to listening to all types of music. If I like it, like it, you know? I pull inspiration from The Neighbourhood, Childish Gambino, Logic, The Lumineers, Toro Y Moi, GoldLink… The list goes on you can imagine.

How do you go about selecting producers? I have a close connection with a few producers on SoundCloud who have reached out early on in 2012 when I first started music and continued to make friends throughout that time.

Have your friends been an influence in your music Extremely! Especially my brother J. Dot. He’s such a genuine dude and he’s a storyteller so he’s been my biggest role model/influencer even though I’m older than him. There’s also my brother DON INDGO, he’s quite the character lol.. but he’ll give you a run for your money BAR for BAR!

What’s more important fame or money? Neither, if it all comes through for me then I’m extremely grateful, but I make music out of emotion and love. Not for the cash or the glam. Some of the most richest people are the most broken inside.