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When you think of models, you probably think beauty, poise, geniality. We want models to be the ideal women; we want them to embody strength & independence, beauty, intellect, leadership & so much more. At this point, we know that having a pretty face & being well endowed is enough to gain fame. I think that gives more reason to highlight & exalt genuine raw talent & beauty when it is discovered. Before I begin, allow me to express a few of my own sentiments regarding my connection with the beautiful Kaylah Raquel.

As we talked, I was honestly taken aback, there was so much conviction in her speech. If there was ever a bar set for unyielding confidence, it was definitely placed by none other than Kaylah Raquel. It’s apparent in her craft, it’s in the photos & in how she speaks. That optimism & confidence is a characteristic some would die for. She does embody strength, she is poised & genial, she has the intellect & mind of a leader but she is also generous & thoughtful, caring.


Her presence is certain, she has gained a substantial influence on tumblr, instagram & twitter; her fans idolize her, they respect her work for its appeal to freedom & individuality & being comfortable with your body. Kaylah’s work bears the notion that it is okay to be sexy & love yourself for simply who you are. As I mentioned earlier, in reality— beauty is almost a definitive factor when it comes to the acquisition of fame despite not having real talent or tenacious work ethic. Kaylah Raquel is quite the opposite. She’s beautiful, but she doesn’t desire fame & money in the way that we’re so used to. Her passion for modeling originates from a place within— it is heartfelt. She’s become an inspiration to her followers by showcasing the effect of pursuing your own dreams. I was honored to speak with her; we share many of the same ideals especially when it comes to what we love. I have to mention that her grace is one of a kind & our talk was surely a pleasure for both of us. I remember asking her to describe herself in three words & she gave, “Confident. Fearless. Fierce/feisty.” I can’t imagine a more accurate depiction.


Enjoy our special feature & let us know what you think in the comments below, take the time to visit her instagram, twitter & watch her stellar performance in “Muse”

When did you begin modeling/acting? Which do you enjoy the most? How were they introduced to you? I began modeling when I was 17. I started acting this year! It’s like my new beginning, I honestly enjoy them both equally. Modeling was introduced when I was a little girl but I started taking it seriously when I got older. I thought I was all that and more back in the day but, I was really mediocre. If it wasn’t for me being mediocre I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My growth is really inspiring.

How long have you been acting/modeling? I’ve been modeling since 17.

What attracted you to modeling? Well, I always loved being in front of the camera; modeling just came naturally.

Did you always feel like you would be a model? Yes, and a movie star.

Who inspires you the most? My mommy.

Tell us about your journey to modeling, was it an easy course? Yes, I took my own way and I think it’s easy but also hard at the same time because I don’t want to be a sell out. I don’t want to be “famous” for no reason.

When did you choose to make this your career? When I turned 18 I decided that this was something that I really wanted to do. I told my parents and they supported me 100%, especially my father. He’s the one that told me that I had stars in my eyes since I was young.

What is the most important thing about acting or modeling that you’ve learned since you began? To actually take your time and learn. I’m still learning and I don’t think I’m great yet, but I don’t think I’m far from it either. I’m taking my time. When my time comes it will come.

Who do you look to for advice? Anyone who is in the industry or wants to be in the industry.

As a model & actress, how important is diet & exercise? Do you follow a regimen? Yes, I work out, do yoga and I eat good. But, I still eat whatever I want when I feel like it. If I want a cheeseburger, steak, and fried chicken then that’s what I’ll eat.

How has your experience in the field been so far, what has been your favorite shoot? It’s been good, I’m having so much fun meeting new people and being creative. I think the one that I did with King Boyett is my favorite. That’s a hard question because all of my shoots mean so much to me in a different way.

There’s always a persona automatically associated with models, that they’re vain, perfect, or snobby, etc. How does modeling make you feel? What does it do for you? Modeling makes me feel confident, I don’t think I’m snobby or stuck up at all. I think I’m a pretty cool chick. I treat people like how I would want to be treated, I think every model should be that way because we’re figures that young women/girls look up too and I would hate for young girls to think its okay to have a bad attitude or be stuck up.

What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about myself. I give myself chills for the simple fact that I’m really following my dreams, my dream is to be the best model and actress that I can be. I’m also passionate about humanitarian work, I never speak about it because I honestly don’t want to be looked at as a “hero” or someone who does it just to make people feel like I’m showing off or anything of that nature. I do it because I love seeing people smile and hearing their stories. I’m also a pre-school teacher, so me helping other people out is really easy. Working with kids and domestic violence victims will always be my passion besides myself and modeling.

What allows you to be so comfortable in your own skin, what message do you have for young girls & women who are insecure about their body? My soul allows me to be comfortable with my body. I’m comfortable with myself as a person so it’s just easy for me to love myself and my body, there’s absolutely nothing I would change about it. My message to girls is to ignore what anyone else has to say and just LOVE your body.

Kaylah Raquel