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Jxylen’s EP is a boom-bap, conscious, raw, in-your-face proclamation. His racy & uncontrolled style of flow slips over instrumentals with forward vocals, unapologetic. The nature of his music is focused on the lyrics & rhymes, classically. He’s good at wordplay, verses that illicit thought-provoking questions.

What do you create? I do a lot of stuff but the main thing I’m into is music.

How long have you been making music? Since 2014, I was working on my craft that year. I didn’t start releasing until 2015.

How has momentum been for you, support wise? Are you in it for the craft or praise? if you get what I mean. Well, the support is decent, I dropped my first EP a couple months ago to show everyone that I can rap. Not many people knew I could rap from where I’m from ( Springfield, Ma) so that was a big step. I’m definitely in this for the craft, unlike others. I’ve been rapping since I was 11/12 years old and I grew a passion for it because it was the best way to express my emotions that I keep to myself. I don’t like to follow hype.

What was the EP like, how did it sound? I won’t say much, I rather people go listen for themselves but it’s raw and aggressive. I was experimenting on that tape the most

Okay, how does it compare to your latest release? I haven’t released anything recently because I took time to find myself after and to plan on what I’ma do next but I will say I grew a lot from my first recorded track gearing up for that EP. Extended Play (EP) on Soundcloud.

What else do you get into? Well, I model for fun, I can’t really say I’m a model until I start getting paid for it tho, I edit my own videos, I draw, make beats. It’s just easy to say I’m an artist and I love art but music is my main passion compared to anything else

“I took time to find myself after and to plan on what I’ma do next ” what’d you mean by this? Well, this year wasn’t planned well so I’m thinking ahead of time so things come out right. For 2017 I plan on dropping another EP and a Full-length project/Album. So once I get back into the studio I’m playing no games

How is the music/creative scene out in Springfield? was it easy to get into music, are people supportive? I love that you ask this, the creative scene isn’t huge but there’s a decent amount a people and the crazy part is I feel like the creative scene is growing. But the majority of the music/creative scene people won’t put their pride aside and work with others. People want to be selfish and have things to themselves when the only way out of the hood is working together/unity. Getting into music isn’t hard but getting the support and notice is very hard and I’m lowkey struggling at the moment. Most people in my area are into drill and trap not really that lyrical content and real artistry. But I love my city and whoever supports. There’s a few rappers, producers, photographers, and designers on the come up over here don’t sleep.

How open are you to working with other creatives? What features are on extended play & do you have any planned for the next project? I’m very open to working with others but I usually only pick features only if I can see that person on the track, it can’t be just anyone. The song pro·spec·tive from Extended Play(EP) features my big bro, King Josiah which he did an excellent job. Extended Play originally was supposed to have more features but I didn’t have the time to wait for people to hit me back. But the next project will definitely have more features for sure.

Can you tell me anything about your plans for a future release? I know you said you took some time off, but what have you been planning? Well, this year wasn’t planned well so I’m planning ahead of time. For 2017 I want to drop my first full project/Album & another EP. Hopefully 2017 I get the recognition I want and deserve.

Anything you can tell Senclaire about the project or are you keep things under wraps for now? I won’t say much but I will say unlike my EP I’ll be rapping at my full potential & it’ll be a Dark project.

Are you a perfectionist? Yes I am a perfectionist and it’s stressful because I spend so much time trying to make something perfect

In what medium do you feel you can be the most creative & expressive i.e. Music, art, photography? I’m most creative with music because I get to express emotions and how I feel much easier compared to any other art aspect and I have a larger passion for it compared to all the others

What type of person were you in school? I was always different and distant from everyone else. I had a few close friends that I can joke with and act a fool with but overall I was distant from the crowd. I usually did my work and got good grades and tried to stay out of trouble.

How would your friends describe you? I honestly don’t know what my friends would describe me as, to be honest. They’d probably say I’m cool, conscious, creative and that I’m a fool.

Is it more important to spend more time with friends or alone? Honestly, it’s 50/50 I love being with my friends or bro’s If we’re going to do something creative, productive and experience life. But I do like my alone time to think and write so unless we’re doing productive activities, having face to face convos or experiencing life I don’t like being bothered

How invoked are your parents with your life/creative endeavors? It’s funny because my parents didn’t even know I made music or majority of the creative things I do until they seen my RXR music video. But they support me, my grandparents, not so much. My grandparents rather me try to do something I don’t care for and try to live that “American Dream”.

Do you have a team or support system? RVO(Rare Vibe$ Only) is my team/ rap group/ clique whatever you want to call it. Consist of rappers Dayvi, currency Benton, and producer Flying Nimbus. Go check them out they’re next level, don’t sleep.

Are you the type to stand in front or be behind the camera? I’d rather stand in front the camera, I model for any of my friends’ upcoming work and for fun, I also like making visuals for my songs.

What’s your stance on BLM movement & police brutality? It’s crazy that our nation is still going through this chaos. Love & acceptance is key and I don’t think people understand that and until people understand that this world will remain in chaos; Yes I’m pro black lives matter, I’m tired of seeing my own people suffer and I’m also tired of people only caring when a life is taken. Every summer a black life is taken by the police, why is this still happening? I could keep going on but let me stop.