Julian Peraza & Senclaire , Interview

Give us a brief introduction of yourself?

I’m a 19 year old writer, filmmaker, somewhat of a graphic designer, posing as a photographer and I’m based out of Miami, Florida. 

How long have you occupied your time with photography?

2-3 years now. For the first couple of years I didn’t take any courses for it, I just kinda took 2 years worth of bad photos until one day I took a photo I liked it and that’s when it began.

What pushed you to begin and who did you look up to at the time?

Well I started photography because in high school, instead of the jocks being the “cool kids”, it was more of the artistic kids. I didn’t really have a group in high school so then I started seeing the cool kids making short films, music videos, and painting, that made me gravitate towards art so I could be cool like them. At first it made me feel cool and popular and then I started really enjoying it and I felt good. I felt different types of emotions every time I created something. Idols would have to be filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia, Boogie Nights), Quentin Tarantino (No introduction needed), Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are, Her), people like them.

Why do you enjoy it, what’s your favored part about it?

I love photography but narrative photography would be my go-to. I respect all forms of photography such as portrait, fashion, and street but something about narrative photography gives me that feeling I cognate with. Maybe because I want to be a filmmaker but its definitely a form thats closest to feeling like a motion picture. I like narrative photography because its my bridge into films. And I think to execute a feeling through a photographer is difficult. In a way, it’s like practice for when I make a film. If I’m able to execute a feeling through a frame then I’ll kill it when it comes to telling a story through multiple frames, thats my way of thinking about photography.

What’s your process to shooting something to your appeal?

Good question. I get a lot of ideas during the day so whichever one stays in my head the longest is the one I tend to do and then I build upon that idea. Once it’s built then it’s complete.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from today?

Honestly I don’t know because I have many goals like everyone else. Like one of my goals would have to be making a feature film, and continue doing whatever I enjoy. I change a lot too so anything can happen within 10 years, there might be new things I might enjoy more. I’m open to new things so as long as I’m doing the things I want to do then I’m set, I’ll be cool.

Have you branched to different mediums?

Not really, I’ve stuck to making short films and music videos and a bit of graphic design but I deleted most of it off the internet because I wasn’t so proud of it afterwards. It’s one of those mistakes you make to get better in life. I don’t get too attached to my work because I like the sensation I get when I make something I’ve never seen before. But after the feelings gone, I don’t really mind where that picture or video ends up, I care more about the sensation and the feeling I get whenever I’m creating.

Where do you hunt for your models?

I don’t really enjoy using models. They don’t look real and since I’m doing narrative photography I like using subject matters that feel relatable to the viewer. Almost like anyone looking at the photo can see themselves being in it.

What are you without Photography?

I’m still Julian. I was happy before I took photos and I’ll be happy when I stop.

A man with little words that are overshadowed by his dazzling and creative eye for visuals. His inspirations are painted and crafted well into his work. Seeing that his signature would be his light placements. Giving us sharp and vivid glares that almost feels theatrical, I myself as an aspiring filmmaker can only hope for superb opportunities for Julian in the near future and maybe even an Oscar. Take a look below for more photos by him if you’ve felt inspired and click on the icons below to follow up with some of his upcoming work. Show the man some support and stay creative