Senclaire has grown into a reliable & credible source for independent & often undiscovered music. We curate the most amazing sounds & artistry, sifting through all the good (and bad) so our readers don’t have to. The search for creatives extends to our staff members. We are a diverse group proud to support independence & creativity. Perhaps your are the next addition to the crew. The positions that need to be filled, along with their descriptions, are listed below.


Assignment Editor – Assignment Editors are like our eyes, they search for independent artists & recommend stories to the staff writers. An Assignment Editor will need to be well versed & open to new sounds. Our Sections are extensive, when it comes to music— we cover a plethora of categories, from bluegrass & country music to hip-hop & trap. Assignment Editors need to be able to suggest from a wide range of sections/categories.


Managing Editor – The Managing Editor will handle all of the editorial activities & content & report to the Editor-in-Chief, while managing the rest of the Editorial Department and Writing Staff loosely. The Managing Editor’s duties may consist of (but are not limited to) assigning stories, overseeing each section of the publication, recruiting, writing, editing, and enforcing deadlines.


Section Editor – The position of Section Editor is broken down into six parts, corresponding to the columns featured on Senclaire. For instance, an Opinion Section Editor will be responsible for responding to story pitches (from the assignment editor), assigning and editing stories and writing articles for the opinion section. Section Editors specialize in one area of interest & have complete jurisdiction. Available Section Editor positions include Music, Photography, Poetry, Art, Fashion & Opinion.

Visual Department

Art Director – The Art Director is responsible for the visual appeal & aesthetics in regard to the consumers reception of Senclaire— commissioning photography and illustrations, creating concepts for promotion/marketing ads, posters, flyers, etc. The Art Director works closely with the Graphic Designer, Photographer and Creative Director.

Creative Director – The Creative Director has a unique role, being accountable for the creative vision, look, feel, and the tone of Senclaire. Also, to establish and develop our personality & perspective— highlighting our strengths & reinforcing our weaknesses. The Creative Director should motivate other department leaders & inspire each member to be as creative as possible— a stellar representation of Senclaire & its ideals.

Graphic Designer – The Graphic Designer handles illustrations, posters, graphics, logos, flyers, etc. Consumers are much more likely to engage with media if it is visually appealing. The Graphic Designer’s job is to create beautiful masterpieces that our audience will enjoy looking at.

Photographer – Photographers provide photos for articles & conduct photoshoots. Consumers like to view pretty pictures! Also, editing, organizing & networking may fall into the photographer’s jurisdiction.

Advertising Department

Social Media Director – Social Networks have become the standard method of consuming news & media. The Social Media Director is in charge of Senclaire’s social networks— Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. When there is an event or new post, the Social Media Director is responsible for sharing it to the consumers.

Promotion Manager – The Promotion Manager’s role is to handle all public relations duties— may work closely with the Event Planner & Social Media Director to help promote their activities. Also, by working with the Editorial Department, The Promotion Manager will arrange interviews & other events. (The Promotion Manager should be well versed in social media promotion as well).

Event Planner – The Event Planner orchestrates both on & offline events that promote Senclaire. Parties, concerts, conventions, etc. The Event Planner is also responsible for the selection of artists, entertainment, and content— arranging the program to present Senclaire in the most effective way.

Marketing Department

Marketing Manager – The Marketing Manager compiles and analyzes statistics to help the Advertising Department define their markets and set a strategy. Also, researching demographics & statistical data (in order to increase the chance of sales) falls into the Marketing Manager’s control. Overall, the Marketing Manager is responsible for product sales & program planning.

Writing Staff

Contributing Writer – A Contributing Writer is freelance writer who occasionally makes contributions but is not a staff member & does not adhere to deadlines or story pitches. Contributing Writers are subject to having their articles rejected. We gladly welcome newcomers to submit stories (through email) as Contributing Writers before becoming official Writing Staff members.

Staff Writer/Author – Staff Writers are truly the heart of Senclaire. A Staff Writer will submit articles & stories before the deadline is reached, suggest articles & story ideas, receive official Senclaire author accounts, receive exposure & experience writing for a legitimate online publication. At Senclaire, creativity always comes first— there are no limitations to categories & topics, (within the boundaries of established sections) in other words, you can write about whatever you want— as long as deadlines are set & executed.

Columnist – A Columnist is a Staff Writer who has decided to only publish articles for a specific section or category. For example, a Music Columnist will only write articles for the music section. In the same way, a Music Columnist may only want to write articles for the soul category.

Reviewer/Critic – A Reviewer/Critic may be a regular Staff Writer or occasional Contributor that evaluates the quality of a particular product, service or genre.

Staff Writers are required to abide by deadlines & guidelines set by Assignment/Managing/Section Editors


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