Passion comes from the heart, they say. Just like any other passion that wakes you up in the morning and motivates you to keep bettering yourself, photography is the equivalent of taking the content that fills the deepest spaces of your heart and pouring it out in digital fashion for others to experience. Coming across a new soul that believes in their work and doesn’t make up the sort of excuses that have the potential to hold them back is always inspiring to witness. That new soul I’m referring to in this instance is the young and aspiring Kareem Williams, better known as John Tucker around the Houston area. He has made a name for himself over the last few years in places like Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Taking frequent trips to express visionary freedom and put his Nikon d3000 to use, Tucker’s been a busy guy. I know that a lot of his work can be found on In all honesty, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow him on both Instagram and Twitter @JohnTucker990 just to keep up with the moves he’s making. With unrelenting support from family and close friends, 2015 is simply another year to move even further in the photography industry.

Just to get a more personal take, I asked Tucker a few more questions.

If there’s any model or woman or anyone you could have the chance to photograph, who would it be? Miley Cyrus just because she is crazy and I really dig her sense of humor.

How do you meet most of your models? I meet most of my models on Instagram or they just email me for booking.

What’s the key to keeping a level head in the art world? Just stand out.

What’s your earliest memory of realizing you wanted to be a photographer?My earliest memory to become a photographer was when I graduated from high school and I realized how much photography meant to me.

What’s your favorite camera you’ve ever received/bought? I only bought one camera in my lifetime which was a Nikon d3000 and I am still using it right now.

How would you describe yourself as an artist and as a photographer? I just create what I envision basically.

What are your major goals for 2015, what do you plan on doing? How will it be different from 2014? 2015 goals is to reach my goal of shooting with the people I’ve always wanted to work with and it will be different from 2014 because I am going harder than ever this year.