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It’s a lot of new artists in the game that are just now finding themselves, their sounds, & their path. They’re just now being true to themselves, while others have been doing this for pretty long time, “getting it out the mud” would be an understatement. Others have been working a lot harder than expected and opening doors and opportunities for themselves while others slack off. Recently, through the helping hands of DJ Stain, we were able to find another hardworking artist coming out of Chicago. Today, I’d like to introduce you all to Jay Melly, along with his most recent project “Been Bossed Up.” In his third release Jay Melly reminisces on his struggle and hard work to get where he is now, and from what it sounds like it’s only supposed to get better. Below you can stream “Been Bossed Up” as well as follow Jay Melly on his Twitter page for more news and releases in the future. We hope you enjoy!