If you haven’t noticed by now, we feature all sorts of creative people from all over the different sections of the internet out of curiosity, support, and admiration for one’s work and talent. Over the years of keeping up with young artists coming out of the underground, I’ve kept my eye on many that I feel will without a doubt have some creative skill that can outweigh them against many other artists. One artist I’ve paid attention to a lot these past few years is rapper/producer Jai Daytona. Some of you may remember Jai from his previous alias “Xodus Medici” when we covered his debut EP “Hot Boy X” in September. During this time, Jai has been able to learn more about his talents as well as his taste in his own sound. After a long battle of bad timing on both parts, Jai and I were finally able to sit down and collect his history so that he may be honored in the hall of interviews. Below you can read our small conversation about Jai’s origins and interest as well as stream old and new music from Jai and friends. We hope you enjoy!

Who are you?

Jai Daytona, himself

Jai: I’m Jai Daytona. I’m an artist from NY and I have a major porn addiction (LMAOOO), I was formerly Xodus Medici.

How old are you?

Jai: I turned 19 in March, my birthday was fake fye.

What is it that you do?

Jai: I talk on the mic poorly and I make playground beats.

So how did you first get into making music?

Jai: Well my Dad used to do music and shit like in some new jack swing group called FS effect, and he was a DJ for Mary j Blige. Heavy D and allat. And toured with them all as well, he was always playing music and fucking with it. That’s how I started getting into it. That and Pharrell, he really inspired me to do it. So I was like rapping and shit, but I ain’t start taking it seriously until I was 16 so I bought a set up and here we are.

What made you want to keep rapping?

Jai: It’s the only thing I like doing really and it’s so much fun. I could deadass say anything, there’s so much you could do with music and rapping it’s amazing.

What made the switch from Xodus Medici to Jai?

Jai: So I switched from Xodus To Jai because Jai is my real name, and I was tired of people calling me something that wasn’t my real name. Plus I got over Xodus and it got corny to me, and I wanna use my real name and did it for career purposes, for when I break into film and stuff.

How would you describe yourself and your music as a genre? What words would you use describe a project of yours?

Jai:I would describe my music and projects as just Jai, it’s me it’s what I like it’s however I’m feeling at the moment.

Favorite song/project you’ve made so far?

Jai: INSPIRED BY NOTHING is my favorite body of work, hands down.

Stream Inspired By Nothing

Do you have any rappers or friends in general you draw inspiration from?

Jai: Hell yeah, I get inspired from all my friends like Hvgo, Omi, & Riot for example and more. I get inspired by every one of em, everyday.

What is Last Laugh for those that don’t know?

Jai: LastLaugh a group or collective or whatever me and Hvgo started, it’s me Hvgo, Rich, and Crunch but to be honest, to me it’s just more of a movement or whatever the fuck LMAO. I just want people to be themselves with shit and be able to relate to people like me who were outcasts and nobody wanted to fuck with but they glo in the long run. I’m gonna do way more with it when I have more of a platform.

What’s your favorite part about making your music?

Jai: My favorite part about making music is the process of creating everything, I’m only genuinely happy when making music and being with my friends. I like some of the people I’ve gotten to meet off of doing music too, it’s a great feeling. I also love the support I’ve been getting too, it makes me feel real good bout myself cause no one ever fucked with me at all before it. So having people listen to me and liking my shit is so surreal almost.

How often are you working on your music?

Jai: I’m working but I could be working harder. I go to the studio like once a week and get everything done there, but I’m spending the last of my money on a new set up.

When did you learn how to produce? How big of an impact did it have on your music?

Jai: Producing cool as hell it helps me appreciate sounds more, and I learned about a year ago. Hvgo got me into it and told me to start, I like putting shit together and I can’t wait to get better.

Are there any people you wish to work with in the future?

Jai: Nah, besides the people I’ve been working with that’s about it to be honest. I don’t care for any other artists besides my friends whatsoever at all right now.

So how do you view yourself as an artist in the game right now? Where do you see yourself?

Jai: I’m my own person and I feel like I’m just me, I don’t try to sound like nobody else and I try to be diverse as possible because I like different things and trying them, and I see myself progressing but lotta people sleep but it’s all good they’ll wake up very soon I feel it.

When should we be seeing new material from you in the near future?

Jai: Every two weeks and way more in da summer.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans and supporters?

Jai: To any of my fans, if I have any, just keep playing me and put your friends on cause I’m broke as fuck and almost homeless LOL. And do whatever the fuck you wanna do, be yourself and don’t let anyone with clout glasses or a reaper chain tell u different, or anyone in general.

For more news and content you can follow Jai on his Twitter and Soundcloud pages. Be sure to stream his newest EP “Inspired By Nothing” in the process and look out for more music from Jai Daytona in the near future, we hope you enjoy!

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