Currently, Jack’n For Beats is a contest hosted by Jack Daniels Honey in collaboration with hip-hop producer and rapper DJ Khaled. Jack’n For Beats has traveled across the US, encompassing 11 cities: Los Angeles, Oakland, Las Vegas, Houston, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Philly, New York and my hometown, New Orleans. The purpose of this competition is for unsigned rappers to spit 16 bars in an effort to win $10,000, which could be used as gateway to make their way into the music business.

Right now we need you, our readers, to help get an up and coming rapper named Wavy to finals.


To make it to this level, Wavy had to out rap hundreds of rappers from New Orleans and she has been chosen as one of the finalists to represent the 504. Her music has been featured on Senclaire many times, you can find her interview here.  As a reader and supporter of Senclaire, Wavy is asking you, our audience, to take the time out to click the link and submit your vote. Clicking the vote button will make winning the Jackn For Beats a reality for a deserving rapper.

To hear more of her music, check out her new EP entitled “For The Free” here: 

Thank you, to everyone who has checked out my Soundcloud and read my interview. Thank you to the people reading this article right now. Thank you to Senclaire for featuring my music time and time again. I put so much time, effort, creativity, and soul into my music. I hope you vote for me, but more importantly I hope you enjoy my work.Wavy

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