Irie Missxkes makes a simple but pertinent statement, I’ma ball on you. “Ball On You” is a melodic nod to everyone on the come up—on the grind. Irie’s cadence is perfect for this Campion Bond production—a smooth slow jam that samples Ginuwine’s “Pony” but it’s well managed & you don’t notice it much over Irie’s vocals. It does add a nostalgic feel to the track, it takes me back to that era… and it’s an interesting contrast between ballin’, grindin’ etc. & that sexy r&b tone from the 90’s. The more I think about & listen to this song, the more unique it becomes. Think about it, a slow song with r&b vibes about ballin’ & shinin’ on your haters—a concept seen more in uptempo hiphop songs. Nature Nate came in with a great verse. My favorite line, “And what you think about most is what you attract.” The Law of Attraction. It’s hard not to like this song, the hook is so catchy & the content is honest & relative. Check it out.