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I’m going to mix the pot a little bit and introduce something that usually doesn’t come across our site at Senclaire. I want to introduce a product of Indie music, a creative soul whose voice makes your mind thing Sixpence (I hope with all my heart we know who that is) but ultimately makes your ears happy you chose to listen to her– and the I’m talking about is Chloe Baker.

The storytelling within each song somehow makes truly listen to the music, the melody, each instrument being used, the back vocals, each lyric more important than the last in the story.

Currently attending an Arts Academy in New Jersey, Baker has recently released an EP called “Love Won’t Make You Cry” that showcase her singing/songwriting talent whilst simultaneously showcasing the producing talents of her musician father, Michael Baker. Everything about Chloe Baker feels like home and feeling at home isn’t an easy feeling for music to create. If you have no idea what I mean by “feeling at home”, then maybe it’s time for you to listen to Baker since no other music or artist or song has given you that feeling before. I could go into how it feels, quite easily, but that would do nothing for you. The only way to know is to feel it for yourself.

The beautiful thing about it all is that she’s just starting this journey and will only create at a higher capacity after learning all there is to learn at that blessed Arts Academy.

Watch out for another post with me featuring one of my favorite songs, but for now, here’s a link to stream her EP:


And here is Bitter’s Kiss’ facebook to keep up with the duo, all of their live performances and other music releases: