Nowadays artists stand out the most due to their creativity with their pieces as well as diversity in their styles. We live in the time where we want to see different abstract images in our art, that if we see something more than familiar in a piece it’s not a relevant to us rather than a completely unknown image. I like to believe I found the bridge to both worlds, an Avatar for the two different worlds of abstract creativity and recognizable images. This person fuses the two together and brings a new form a portrait to us. Painting pictures of our favorite artists and superstars while deforming their human attributes to exaggerate and emphasize certain points and elements of his art. Without further delay I would Like for you all to meet Ian Woods. Most of you know who Ian is and if you don’t, you’ve definitely seen his art. After signing with A$AP Rocky’s creative team AWGE, Ian has captured attention from all over the world through his art. I got the chance to speak with Ian and get a bigger insight on who the real Poserrboy is.

*A little gallery of some of my favorite pieces by Ian Woods*

Who are you?

Ian: I’m Ian Woods as known as Poserrboy

Where are you from?

Ian: I was born in Chicago, but moved near the Fort Worth, TX area when i was about 5 or 6.

What is it that you do?

Ian: I draw on my iPad. Everything i do is from my iPad most people don’t know that i do do it all from my iPad.

So how did you start your artwork originally? Have you always done everything off your iPad?

Ian: I just started very young in like kindergarten. My dad was always decent at it so I guess that’s what why I really gravitated towards art. I have not always drawn on my iPad I always drew on paper up until like a year outta high school.

Meet Ian Woods

Meet Ian Woods

How much did your paper artwork differ from your new material?

Ian: It was hard to be honest to transition from paper to iPad. My style from paper to iPad changed dramatically like my techniques changed completely thankfully it worked in my favor.

How long ago did you make that transition?

Ian: It took about a year to get use to drawing on the iPad then it took another year to master and develop my own styles on it.

If you could describe your style, in anyway, how would you?

Ian: I would describe it as abstract both of the styles I have because abstract is so interesting. I like how there is really no limits on what I can do

Where does your style of portraits come from?

Ian: I’ve always had a obsession with faces and noticing the different little details of peoples faces. Instead of exaggerating the obvious faults of peoples face or hair, I exaggerate everything I can. It also comes from my favorite artist Dali who exaggerated things.

Is Dali your main inspiration or do you have other idols?

Ian: I have other idols like Warhol and Basquiat a lot people say that, but I loved how they presented their work and work ethic a lot.

How did you get involved with AWGE?

Ian: I would always draw Ian Connor and Carti, one night after a concert I went up to Ian to show him my art. He had always knew about my work, he gave me his number and about a month later he texted me something about working on something. Then like a week later Rocky hits me up in my Insta DM’s saying he fucks with my aesthetic and that he wanted to link up. About a week later after that he flies me out to work on covers and such then once we are in NYC for yams day he asks me to be part of the AWGE team. I accepted happily.

Did you ever see yourself where you are now in the past? Like working with artists you listen to on a daily basis?

Ian: To be honest, not at all thats the tight part about it.

Jimmy Fallon holding Ian's cover art for "Yamborghini High"

Jimmy Fallon holding Ian’s cover art for “Yamborghini High”

Bro what was it like seeing your cover on Jimmy Fallon? I would’ve fainted lmao

Ian: It was surreal hahaha. My family was proud as they ever could be, just really blessed to be part of that song.

Out of all your pieces which is your favorite?

Ian: My favorite piece is the blond piece I did when Frank dropped his album.

Did the album inspire you to draw that? Or as a Frank fan did you just feel it was necessary

Ian: I felt like it was necessary to do it, plus the photo of the cover was so clean.

When picking out photos for your art, is there any specific things or elements you look for?

Ian: Pretty much overall quality of the photo. I can’t really do much with a choppy pixilated photo.

So what’s the next move for Ian Woods?

Ian: Art show. I wanna focus on a art show for like almost 2 years now so I gotta get that started.

Do you see yourself moving away from portraits in the future to work or experiment with other styles?

Ian: I do for sure but not right now though. I just wanna continue to do portraits my style to get my name out there more. Then once I get even more well known I’ll experiment and draw other things.

Any plans or goals for the rest of the year?

Ian: Really just work on my art show and continue to put out quality work.

Anything to say to the fans who’ll read this?

Ian: I love all my supporters I have right now and the future ones to come. I appreciate anyone that have viewed my work and I really appreciate the ones that go out of there way to tell me that I inspire them and tell me to keep going and not stop also to anyone that has or will purchase a print or anything from me in the future. Thank you.

For more art and news on Ian Woods you can follow him on Twitter & Instagram. You can also find some of Ian’s artwork up for sale on his website at POSERRBOYY.COM. Hope you enjoyed this interview, now go get some artwork!