Meet Hundo, aka The Gap Tooth Truth of NoGum Music from Atlanta. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Uh-oh another Migos type Atlanta rapper” and I can tell you right now, you’re wrong (wrong asab). Hundo’s easy-going style compliments his in your face “I’ll still bust your head” sound. Not many artists today can pull this off which really makes Hundo one of a kind. I got the chance to speak with Hundo and get to know him a little better as well as get a better understanding of his story behind his music. Before you read the interview you can listen to a personal favorite of mine by Hundo. As you’re reading you’ll also get two recent tracks Hundo has released, hope you enjoy the read!

Who are you?

Hundo: Call Me Hundo. Founder of NoGum Music aka the Gap Tooth Truth

Where are you from?

Hundo: I was born in Augusta, GA but I moved to ATL when I was 10. So I rep Atlanta harder.

What do you do?

Hundo: Rap, entertain, stay alive and make sure I don’t fuck up with my PO. That’s all I can do atm. lol

How long have you been rapping?

Hundo: Forever really. I always been writing and rappin for people close by but I started pushing myself in 2012. That’s when I dropped my first tape and kinda stayed consistent with it.

Was there anything specific about making your first tape that made you want to be consistent with releasing music?

Hundo: Really I always wanted to be more consistent but I didn’t have the resources after my mic broke. Over the summer my homie Lynn Williams [Member of NoGum] let me borrow his mic and I just HAD to record. We had protools already at my house, so we just went in. I was skippin football practice just to record. It was what I really wanted to do. The good responses is what kept me at it though really. It’s called “Atlanta Underground” btw, my rap name was Tank G Hunnid at the time.. in case anybody wanna do some searchin lol

Do you have any influences or idols that are rappers? or artists at all?

Hundo: Three 6 Mafia the reason I actually rap. Deadass, I took the headphones off and wrote a rap right after listening. Lol, I was like 11 or 12. Cash Money/No Limit inspired me just off all the flexin cash they did. Cam’ron and Wayne like the goat rappers to me. Really I’m inspired by a lot tho, I consider myself like a melting pot of all the music I liked growing up.

So a year ago you dropped Hundology and 5 months ago you released Call Me Hundo, How do you think you’ve progressed since these releases?

Hundo: Well, I was stayin in South Carolina when Hundology dropped and nobody really cared for new talent in the town I was in. It was the country/hood. Niggas don’t tweet or be up on the latest. Very Minimal results online but I feel like it served it’s purpose lol. It helped put me in certain people’s ears who still support today so I can’t trip. And round the holidays of 2015-NYE, I actually came back to ATL and went from crib to crib to make moves with the music. So I put together Call Me Hundo and was gettin even more love. That’s when I KNEW I had to move back to the A to push music cuz when I finally went back to SC, all the progression just stopped. I moved to ATL like mid-Jan and it’s been nothing but progression. I’m doin more shows and meeting more people and just buildin my name easier. I’m actually seeing more results, so I’m good at how shit playin out rn. Just tryna keep it rollin for bigger and bigger. I ain’t ever had plugs or connections but I know I can take it to another level still.

So would you say you’re comfortable where you’re at currently?

Hundo: Fuuuuuccckkkk no lmao. I can’t be, I ain’t reached enough people or really opened any doors yet. I’m still @ the bottom. I can say I’m playing my position pretty well but I’m def tryna get to better. Can’t get comfy now

So coming from Atlanta you probably see a lot of rappers (or niggas who call themselves rappers) before they “blow up” and jump on the scene, all i want to ask is why do you think the game is so fucked up?

Hundo: In my opinion, I feel like mfs worried more about the image than what the person actually about and how good they are. I feel like the hype go towards all the wrong things so it’s a easy come up for some niggas. Shit really watered and I refuse to take part.

Do you see that a lot in Atlanta? Like someone with a lot of clout but no skill headlining shows and shit?

Hundo: To be honest not really. Lot of the shit that buzz on the net don’t really be what’s buzzin in the streets in ATL. The internet scene of ATL a different aspect, it’s more so for the youth. Mostly trap niggas and mfs who make strip club anthems still get the most love in the city. So idk, it’s kinda weird. I don’t really focus on it tho, I just try to come up ways so i can be the one headlining and goin all over the country.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Cover Art for ThatsMySA & Hundo's joint tape ITSFREE

Cover Art for ThatsMySA & Hundo’s joint tape ITSFREE

Hundo: I got my joint EP “It’s Free” coming out with my homie ThatsMySA. After that I plan on releasin a solo later in the yr. Really tho I’m just more focused on gettin my name out more than anything. More shows, more visuals, just more everything.Nothin concrete right now, but just know I’mma keep it rollin.

Anything to say to the fans?

Hundo: If you been on the campaign, you know it’s been a long time comin and still a long way to go. If you a new supporter, I’m glad you fuckin with me and just stay tuned. Hundo here to stay and we gone put the real back on the map.It’s no other like me. NoGum as in no bubblegum music… oh yeah, and spread the real. Don’t keep me no secret.

You can follow Hundo on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Soundcloud to keep in touch with him and his new releases. Be on the lookout for ITS FREE dropping June 26th.