We’re back! Today we brought a South Florida gift basket from our good friends over at XL Cartel with two new projects and a single from longtime friends Herme$ and G.P3$0. As we’ve had a few features in the past with Herme$, we recently gave him some time off as he went on to have his first tour, drop new visuals for new releases, and all together build us more new projects. As we stepped away, we noticed a significant increase in all of the product that came out of XL, even from behind the camera. After their recent visit to Austin, Texas for SXSW the team have placed their plan for take over into action as Pe$o and Herme$ both released new music, with Herme$ promoting his newest project, executively produced by Lord Fubu, FlexxPalmBeach to drop soon.  Below you can stream “Smoke On The Water 2” by G.P3$0 and “Bennessy & OG” by Herme$ as well as stream Herme$ newest single, “Hit My Line PT2” produced by Lord Fubu. Be sure to give the boys a follow on Twitter as well as on Soundcloud for more new music.

G.P3$0: Twitter & Soundcloud

Herme$: Twitter & Soundcloud