“What’s the worse invention created by Man? The dollar or the gun?”

The sapphire, the color of wisdom and royalty. Used mostly in ornaments of Kings and Queens showing their reign and power over those under them. As much as this seems like a “flex” to those who doubted you, the sapphire is a tool used to show intelligence as well as spread it to those around you. Today, a good friend of Senclaire, XL Cartel rapper Herme$ stops by the headquarters with his newest project “Sapphire Pyramid” filled with hope, positivity, and some good words from Herme$’ own experiences.

As always, Herme$ speaks on his life experience as well as lessons he’s learned just from being who he is and where he was raised. This is simply the story of the artist; as Herme$ relates to his situation he’s constantly viewing the world from the perspective of someone who feels like they don’t belong. Songs like “AMERIKKA” “Positive Energy Release Interlude” and “Outro Prayer” contain emotions and elements of despair for the corrupted society around Herme$, but also puts his faith in humanity as a whole in the forefront of the concept. This is an element of rap music that is lost in a sense of materialism and forgetting to simply live your life as an individual.

Along with the conscious side of his music, Herme$ also take a back and forth trip to the darker, grimy side of his music. With production from Free Diesel, NocondomCaruci, FANG!, XANGANG, and even himself, Herme$ shows off how much he’s evolved since his last project and how he’s experimented with his sound to create something new every time. As far as full projects go Herme$ is constantly making decide which project is better? His most recent or the project before? After today, I can say with ease that Sapphire Pyramid is without a doubt my favorite project thus far.

You already know for more info on updates for new music, visuals, etc be sure to follow Herme$ on his Twitter and Soundcloud page. You can stream Sapphire Pyramid above or on Herme$” Soundcloud page, either way give it a quick run through. We hope you enjoy!