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Hayz has been messing around with production since he dropped out of school at 16 years old, he’s now 22. He’s coming with a song you can listen to below titled WOCK and it’s a sign of things to come for the member of Trial and Error.

“I started on FL studios and found myself comfortable working on Logic Pro as time went on and my equipment evolved. I started trying to sell beats and when that was unsuccessful I started rapping on them for fun. It wasn’t until here in the last year or so that I started to think it could go somewhere, though I’ve ALWAYS had dreams of it.”

His Musial upbringings while varied and different help bring about his own style and sound. “I started out playing in punk/hardcore bands in the Dallas area where I was born and raised. After bouncing around playing bass and vocals for multiple bands, I realized how difficult it is to compromise on a musical vision between 3-5 people. That’s when I decided to branch off into music production, at the time I was spending a lot of time in the Dallas EDM scene. I loved hearing the crisp clarity of the beautifully mixed music such as deadmau5, eric prydz, tiesto, and many others. I particularly took an interest in trap music. I will always appreciate all kinds of music and pull inspiration from every corner of the musical spectrum. Music is the biggest part of my life. I feel like It’s my obligation and my impulse to make music for the love and respect of it.”

Keep up with Hayz on Twitter and his Soundcloud