It’s that time of year, where all of our summer albums are dropped on our heads before we just into the vast ocean that is summer time. Not many artists have been fulfilling their promises of their release dates. Many of your favorite artists have been holding their material back, waiting for the perfect time to drop. But the worst part about it all is that now is the perfect time to drop; now is the time these artists should take advantage of and release their music to make the most out of their results. But no, instead they wait and wait and wait for engineers, promotional value, and the boost of clout from the new fans that hear about the projects. Instead of hearing your favorite rapper’s new material, we over at Senclaire Magazine would like to put you onto some better sounds as you wait for the flop of a project your favorite rapper has been teasing. Yesterday, Richmond natives HANZ and Zae Kinchen releases their newest project “Lately EP” filled with stories of heartbreak, good days, fun times with friends, and overall enjoying the time they’ve had with their friends and family lately. Now for those of you who don’t know what to expect from this project, I’ll give you the short rundown. For those of you who’ve been missing that real sound of REAL music, crafted by creative and hardworking individuals with their own sounds and talents, then you’re in for one of the biggest treats of your year. Below you can stream “Lately” EP as well as follow HANZ and Zae Kinchen on their Soundcloud pages. We hope you enjoy!