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Music is somewhat like the ocean; there are waves in all different areas of the world with different sounds and movements created by different experiences and events that happen in these areas. In order to fully be able to appreciate this melting pot of all different waves and styles one must be different themselves. One must come out of their comfort zone, come out of their safe place and try something new in order to appreciate such waves and styles. Now if music really is anything like the ocean then it’s vast and deep, and there are areas you probably want to get to but just can’t. But how do you propose to step out, appreciate, and be different in this water world of unknown sounds if you cannot swim? Luckily for you, someone is interested in teaching you. Coming straight out of the 4 of Richmond, Virginia meet your swim instructor, the young artist HANZ. Recently HANZ released debut EP “How To Swim EP” with production from producers such as Dream Koala, Alex Burey, Tokyo.Flow, & HANZ himself. While doing as the title says HANZ also helps you take that first step out of your comfort zone as you enter his world of tranquil indie r&b and hiphop fusion. Like many artists recently, HANZ has stamped himself in the game and continues to ride his wave as he experiments with different sounds and styles stepping out of his comfort zone and finding what suits him as the artists he truly wants to be. HANZ has announced new music to be released soon, so while you wait for that you can stream “How To Swim EP” below as well as follow HANZ on Twitter and Soundcloud for more news on music, videos, and future releases. We hope you enjoy!