Meet Gia Peoples, the young artists from Broward County, Florida. Gia caught our attention around May when we received submissions from many of her fans until I was able to get in contact with her myself. Gia’s abstract style matched with her concrete and solid color scheme bring out some great pieces whether through paint, crayon, pencil, whatever. Gia’s individuality shows through her art work as well as through this interview. Below you’ll be able to read more into who Gia is and what makes her the artist she is today. Hope you enjoy!

Who are you?

Gia: I’m Gia Peoples

Where are you from?

Gia: I’m from Broward county florida born and raised

How long have you been drawing?

Gia: I’ve been drawing for as long as I could remember, I’m sure It goes all the way back to day one i came out the womb with a paint brush

Do you have any artists influences? Or just some artists that you like?

Gia: I would probably say my art influences were my parents, when I was a kid I would sit and just watch them draw little sketches in their notebooks and listen to how much they say they wish they could get their inspirations for their creativity back and how much better they could have been if they kept up with their art work and seeing them lose their drive, their motivations for art made me want to some how give it back to them so I picked up a pencil and grabbed some paper and got started. I don’t really favor the “mainstream” artist in a way I like the artist who are under appreciated, the ones that no one knows. They’re just another @ name trying to become known just as I and they also influence me because they make me want to be better because we’re all striving for the same thing.

How did you evolve into your drawing style now over the years?

Gia: I would have to thank my peers for this one. It’s all from being around different artist in school and on social media seeing all the different styles and techniques. It opened my mind to try new things, and my art teachers of course had to throw a little curse words my way to actually put my ass in gear to really trying to improve myself.

Do you like how much you’ve improved? Did you see yourself doing this in the past?

Gia: Yes! I love how much I’ve improved. It’s normal for me to down myself and I never really appreciated the love I got for my work only because I didn’t love it as much as I should have but when I looked at my old drawings and compared them to my pieces now I was able to actually see how great I really am and if I keep going how legendary I could become. In the past art was all I thought about, Art was my light when it got too dark. Whenever I was upset or even just super happy I would just draw something up. Art is something I’ve always planned on keeping in my life and creating

What comes to mind when staring at a blank canvas?

Gia: The first thing that comes to my mind when staring at a blank canvas are the colors that I’m going to use to make it a little less blank. After I pick my colors I kind of just pick up a brush and just go with the flow. I never really think about what I’m going to paint, but I know it’s going to be a portrait lol

Do you ever see yourself straying off from portraits?

Gia: Yes I’ve been actually thinking about trying to test the waters with landscapes and different objects

Would you say starting off with portraits gave you the definition of art you wanted rather than starting off in another area?

Gia: Yes because I love the human face, Its the first thing I notice on people and everyone’s faces have a lot of similarities but every face is different so I’m never doing something consistent, expect for the fact that they’re portraits lol



What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?

Gia: I have two pieces so far that are my favorite their names are “Detached” and “We grow”

Living in Florida are you inspired by your surroundings at all?

We Grow

Gia: I would have to say no, I’ve lived in Florida all of my life so it’s basically just an area that I’m use to. I don’t really use anything from my surroundings in my art. I would have to say the only thing I use from Florida is the fact that it’s always sunny here and The sun just gives me positive vibes it makes me feel like a gardener and my pieces are my flowers that will soon turn into a garden.

If you could go back in time and redo any piece, what piece would it be?

Gia: Honestly I don’t have a piece I would like to redo only because when you make a mistake on a piece no one else will know it’s a mistake unless you say that it was. My works I just go with the flow like I said before so there aren’t really any mistakes to fix.

Do you have anything planned for the future?

Gia: Well right now I’m still deciding which college im going to go to and if I want to move to upper florida with my nana to start off in a new area. I’m still on the not sure aspect of what I want to actually do in life. But I’m really thinking hard about if I want to go to college for art.

Anything to say to the fans who’ll read this?

Gia: Thank you for appreciating my work as much as I appreciate the the love you give me for it. There’s lots more to come. Never stop showing the love to the aspiring artist out there we need you guys the most.

Below is a gallery of a couple of finished pieces by Gia. You can keep up with Gia and her art on her personal twitter and art specific page. If you’re new to Gia’s art feel free to show love and support, it all goes a long way! We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and have walked away with a new artist to look out for in the future.