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Recently it’s been the underground brands taking the stage. The individuality and extensive, constant creativity with their works is what brings all eyes on them; yet some of theses brands aren’t in it for the impact or love of art and creation, some of them are just in it for the hype. Because of this you have some real tacky brands and styles coming out of nowhere as of recently, and it’s because they’re feeding to the hype. Some of these brands however are working off their own plans and influence, and ignoring the methods and influence of the mainstream methods. One of these brands is Full Clip Global from Atlanta, GA. Full Clip has been working hard these past 2 years with their innovative and incompatible styles and deigns. Recently I got the chance to speak with creator of Full Clip, Chris Peeples, and get a better insight of what Full Clip is.

 Who are you?

Chris: I’m a person that’s a work in progress, a giver-in training, learning how to attach purpose in the things I do. To add a benefit to my visions that don’t just serve myself, but a greater good. I’m a dreamer, a do-er, a person that adds collaborative elements into my work. I’m a businessman. I’m an artist. People may see what I do as “just clothing” but I have a purpose attached: to make people feel good, to empower others, to challenge others, as well as myself to be all they can be. And when they are done being all they can be, continue to be a little more.

How old are you? 

Chris: Just turned 24.

Where are you from?

Chris: Atlanta, GA.

What is it that you do?

Chris: I build ideas and take them into physical form. To label myself as someone with one title or as someone who does one thing would be unfair. I do many things but most of my attention is going towards building a reputable and thriving clothing brand/ company.

For those who don’t know, what is Full Clip?

Chris: Full Clip is an identity and a motto to live by in the form of clothing. Aim High, Never Compromise is our tag line and simply a point of reference for everyday life.

With Full Clip you can expect variety from the product line(s). Right now we are starting small with graphic tees, polos and hoodies, but soon you will be able to get your basic clothing necessities as well as winter wear from us. We want to become a necessity for every streetwear and men’s clothing enthusiast out there, without burning a hole through the supporter and consumer’s wallet.

We definitely aim to make things with a purpose, but also to have some fun and add a creative approach to things. No one wants to wear clothing that always has a preaching message on it, but we definitely keep an eye on current events & match that to our products from time to time.

How long ago did you start Full Clip?

Chris: Late 2014.

How’s it been treating you for these 2 years?

Chris: Interesting. Recently I have changed my approach regarding the brand. Taking things serious as marketing, who we are, and what we plan to accomplish. I feel with a much clearer map we will reach our destination.

What are your short term and long term goals as far as the future for Full Clip?

Chris: Short term goal is to push Full Clip around the country as well as extend our product line. My long term goal for the company is to become a worldwide brand, with many retail stores, but ultimately shed some positivity on people and inspire them in ways they may have seen impossible. My long term goal is to fulfill all of the enormous dreams that I was had as a child and still hold and work towards, in this day.

How did you come up with the name for Full Clip?

Chris:I wanted t pick a name that didn’t suck. At the time, I didn’t realize how I could create an entire ideal for the brand or anything, I simply wanted to pick a name that either makes you wonder what it is or raise an eye brow, in skepticism.

Compare Full Clip two years ago to now, do you see yourself where you thought you would be last year?

Chris: Yes. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the potential impact that can be made pursuing this. I’m just now understanding where and how to apply my energy towards building a brand. Aligning with the right people, staying creative, trying to move the needle further and living with a sense of integrity.

Is it just you working by yourself or is there a Full Clip team?

Chris: Right now a small team.

So how did the team originally come together?

Chris: Like minded people who gravitated towards the idea and have patience to see things all the way through.

What’s the creative process like between you all?

Chris: The creative process is dynamic. Each time something is created, it was thought of or visualized in its own individual way. For example sometimes I may be driving and take notice of building, or color ways on vehicles, etc and sketch something out. Or someone may use a real life emotion or come up with a clever quote and center new designs around the theme. Between the people involved there are a lot of checks and balances and honesty. Before sampling, there’s always feedback on designs, questions are always asked, and variations are always proposed before finalizing an idea.

What was the first Full Clip piece that released?

Chris: A collaboration tee with a Chicago based brand called Brinkleberg. It was a graphic tee that featured an African kid with a hand full of bullet shells in his hand. On the bottom I wrote in “Desperat Timez Desperat Measurez” purposely spelling the words wrong. It was a cool shirt but I definitely have more structure and matured when it comes to design hahaha.

Where did the idea/inspiration for that come from?

Chris: Honestly speaking the collab was short notice and I hadn’t put much thought to it. “Just make something that is dope”.

How has that mindset changed throughout your work period?

Chris: I feel maturing as a person in general, has accelerated my growth with work. Creating clothing has its process(s) like any other art, skill, service or trade, just different entities or individually based tasks. Appreciating and putting myself into the potential customers point of view has helped produce better work. If I don’t feel those endorphins when looking at a product then why would the customer?

When creating your designs for your pieces which elements did you pay the most attention to? 

Chris: Everything. Which is still a work in progress. I’m still learning.

If you could go back in time, Is there anything you would say to yourself when you first started Full Clip? 

Chris: Just be patient, have fun, but also move with urgency.

Is there anything different we should be expecting for the new collection?

Chris: More diversity. And evolution behind the designs. As well as a better message of what we want to give when we do things. Each piece is made to make you look good, feel unstoppable, confident and to feel as if you are apart of something large when you wear Full Clip.

Do you have any idols as far as fashion or art in general?

Chris: Marc Ecko, Daymond John, Ralph Lauren, Pharrell Williams, Sophia Amoruso, are some of the people I appreciate and have read about and have learned to appreciate them and what they have given.

Is there anything you want to say to someone inspired by your work and hoping to move into the field?

Chris: First off thank you for acknowledge what is being done. And second off, evaluate why you want to do it and what can you bring to the table that’s different? Nothing is new under the sun but it’s the new ways that we present ideas that make them special. Lastly I would say go for it and don’t look back if it’s deep in your heart and attach a purpose to it. It’s not easy. It’s really not easy so having a clear mind and mission is key. Believe in yourself.

For more news on new releases and material from Full Clip Global on Twitter and check out their website here! Below is a gallery of new and old pieces from Full Clip, you might see something you like. Also don’t forget Full Clip has a new Fall Line releasing on October 25th. Be on the lookout!