With the Virginia music scene getting more and more recognition, Fridaynite is one of the young artists that everyone should be keeping an eye on. At 17 years old with his unique sound and ear for indistinguishable beats, he stands out from many Virginia artists. Senclaire would like to introduce you to: Fridaynite


Where are you from?

I’m from Northern Virginia.

Why the name Fridaynite?

 I choose the name Fridaynite because I wanted to stand out from all the other basic names and I wanted to have something fit me rather then some random stuff. Friday nights to people are always different, could mean a wild night of fun or a night like cruising in the city with the top down and some prerolls. I’m a laid back person but i’m also out and about tryna have a good time. So i thought of the name Fridaynite.

 Who have you worked with so far?

I’ve worked with a couple local virginia artist and a couple artists i’ve met through the internet. 


What do you think of the VA music scene?

Virginia has a lot of amazing artists… and I feel like we don’t get the right love or light as other spots do, like DC and Maryland don’t even count us in when it comes to the “DMV”. I think if we all came together more to create rather than steal ideas or compete with each other things might be different but shit who knows. 

Are you dropping a project anytime soon?

Yeah I’m working on my new tape now, don’t have much details ready to tell everyone but it’s going to be something real special.

Are you influenced by anyone?

I get influenced off hearing good music. When I hear a song that rocks or just makes me feel something it always gets me in the mood to make a song, to make something great where I could make others get that same feeling. I get influenced off struggle also. Struggling and seeing others struggle pushes me a lot to always be better and better. 

What are your interests besides music?

I love fashion, I love being off my action bronson shit and cook as well. I’ve always wanted to be an actor also and direct a movie one day. 

What artists do you listen to often?

I listen to all kinds of music not just rap & hip hop. Often I listen to a lot of old Ye and Drake. Always got some Wayne in the playlist also. When i’m on my R&B soul type mood I like Erykah Badu, Aaliyah. I like the Isley Brothers a lot, they rocked. I listen to a lot of my boys around VA also. 

What type of sound do you think you create? as far as genres?

I create a lot of rap and hip hop but I like singing, or I guess trying to sing. So some r&b shit also, and I like rock a lot, so I’ve been working a little with that sound too.


Be on the lookout for more from Fridaynite, there’s plenty more on the way. To stay updated, his soundcloud and twitter are linked below!