Freako & Senclaire, Interview

“JaVale Mcgee got a ring and I’m happy as hell so expect the best music ever.”


The Chicago music scene is a force to be reckoned with. All of the different artists with their unique sounds mesh together to create a perfect harmony. One newer artist I’ve been paying attention to is Freako. His creativity that he displays through his music and his visuals is something that’s becoming a lost art with most modern rappers. To find out how Freako continues to set himself apart from other artists, come up with his visuals and more keep reading, enjoy!

Freako’s Newest Visual

Who is Freako and how did you get your name?

Freako is a name that I was given probably like two or three years ago. Two Times and my homie Roo Money, they gave me the name. When I actually changed my name I just ran with it and it’s been working so shout out to Two Times and Roo Money, you know how I’m rockin’. And about me, uh, I don’t know shit I’m awkward as hell so I guess that’s easy to relate to. If you know me I’ll come out my shell more. I don’t really rock with a lot of people. But yeah, I wasn’t cool in high school I was lame as hell but, I’m cool now.

How long have you been making music?

Like a year and a half.

What other talents do you have besides rapping?

I hoop, I can coach kids in sports. I’m smart so I can teach math and stuff; I was teaching a math class at my college. I’m also into like writing, I want to write a movie one day. And I be trollin’, so that’s it.

How do you think you’ve grown as an artist and person since you started making music?

I got more of an appreciation for it because when I first started making music I took it serious, but not as serious as I should have. To be able to do half the stuff I’m doing now with music, like being able to feed my family off rap money and stuff that’s cool. I appreciate art and music itself now because I can express myself through it. Shit, music helped me grow. My homie Vee made a mixtape and that mixtape was so fire, it taught me how to be an adult and grow; that’s when I really learned how to appreciate music and not take it for granted.

What’s your favorite project you’ve dropped so far and why?

Damn uh, it’s a tie between Oasis and Vacation. Vacation, that was like a random ass tape but so many people were hitting me up saying it changed their lives. If I never had Vacation I would’ve never had Oasis. Both were two different points in my life. We were in Atlanta, just chillin’ and just happy as hell when I dropped Vacation. And then with Oasis I really took the time out to do that, it took me like a year and a half. I really appreciate that project because I put a lot into it.

Oasis Mixtape

Are you happy with where you are with your music right now?

Hell naw, I mean everybody wants more so I don’t think I’ll ever be happy until my family is like really ok or the people around me can just do whatever they want. Personally, I’m going to always want more and always want to personally do more and that’s always going to overshadow the actuality of this shit so, I don’t think I’ll be happy with it until I see certain things happen.

Do you think you’ll ever stop rapping?

Yeah, I mean at a certain point a lot of people stop rapping for real. People looked at Jay Z for his music back in the day, but you look at him now for the business moves he’s making. So, once people get to the certain spot that they’re comfortable with they just stop doing it. But for me, that’s gonna be a minute for me.

How do you feel you about the current Chicago music scene?

It’s decent but it could be way better. If you think of the mainstream people like Chance and Saba and people that are in that wave and goin’ crazy, they’re keeping Chicago relevant. But for underground it’s like a real crab in the bucket mentality, everybody be on their own shit. It’s not like Atlanta where everybody is trying to help out, and not even to say like giving you a handout but people there just naturally want to help you.

What are you doing to differentiate yourself from other rappers?

I don’t know I just be coolin’. I really be coolin. People be trying to change up for certain waves. The people I rock with, we all weird and awkward. We be at kickbacks quiet, just coolin’ and smokin’ so I guess that’s how we separate ourselves. People be like they’re awkward as hell, but they’re raw as hell. And we don’t fake kick it so if we rock with you, we naturally just rockin’ with you. People can feel that, how genuine we are, so they accept the awkwardness that we bring along.

How do you come up with the ideas for your visuals?

Uh, just trying to be as creative as possible. I watch a lot of TV and movies so all of my visuals are cinematic. There always has to be certain things that happen in a visual or like keeping a certain concept. And to be able to work with people like Wolf, Vinny and Rari and to be able to be creative as they are and then have them throw ideas back at me, it makes my work really stand out. I’ll see one side of something and then they’ll see the other side so you really get the full aspect of the art.

Any new projects we should be on the lookout for?

No, because I just dropped my last project. When I feel like that has been appreciated then I’ll drop some more. I always have more music though so just expect the unexpected because I be trollin’.

Any last words for your fans?

JaVale Mcgee got a ring and I’m happy as hell so expect the best music ever.


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