Skate culture is thriving in the streets of Chicago. Young black skaters are working hard to make a name for themselves and get recognized for their talents. Unfortunately, a lot of these skaters have been overlooked due to many factors whether it be culturally, geographically, etc. Luckily, Footwork Skate Mag is working hard to give these skaters a platform to show off their skills and shed some light on Chicago’s skate scene!

Who are the people behind the magazine?

Myself (Jamal), Danny, Africa, Ameena, Princess, Malik and Lamont.

What exactly is Footwork Skate?

It’s a Chicago based skateboarding platform designed to navigate more black skaters into the market, and others who are interested or just admire skateboarding to look at it as a new outlet to be in the know about skating.

“Why I Skate”

Do you feel like Chicago skaters get enough recognition or are taken as seriously as skaters in other cities?

I don’t think it gets enough recognition, there’s probably a few spots out there that’s getting a little bit of coverage but I think we could definitely be on a larger scale. Nike SB did some stuff in Chicago for skating and we want to keep brands and stuff like that coming back.

Do you feel as if there’s a disadvantage to being a black skater?

I think cultural wise black skaters don’t get enough support by black people. They aren’t pushed enough by their family members or aren’t taken seriously by the community. I’m trying to change that whole paradigm. 

I never knew you skated, when did you get started and why?

I started skating in 6th grade. A lot of my friends were doing it and I got a board because I really wanted to skate as well, and that’s really how I got into it. I liked Tony Hawk Pro Skater and X-Games so that influenced me of course.

What brands or people do you hope to collab with in the future?

I want to do some shit with DGK, Nike SB, Baker, Girl, Vans and Supreme but I’m most likely going to drop my own stuff as far as clothing wise. I’m also looking forward to doing board collaborations with people.

Do you plan on expanding your brand and making it bigger than just Chicago based?

Next year I have some shit that’s going to be the talk of the town. I don’t want to say too much about it, it’s going to be a six month long overseas project starting in the Spring and going into late Fall or early Winter. 

What does this magazine mean to you?

I can help out a lot of kids, especially the youth in Chicago, or anywhere else that need more encouragement to do this and follow their dreams and feel like they have people behind them that are pushing them to follow their dreams. I want to get money in their pockets and have them make their parents proud.

Who/what are your influences for Footwork Skate?

Thrasher has been really good on keeping skate culture alive for the past 30 years and I want to do something different from what they’re doing, something more intricate and culture based that I can infuse with skateboarding.

What services do you already offer or plan to offer through the magazine?

As a CEO and entrepreneur I create jobs and with that I’m able to influence the economy. With skate culture I can build a platform for you so that you can expand your brand. I want to help these black kids find sponsors. And I really want to see more African American skaters.

How can skaters or brands be featured in your magazine?

The magazine is submission based so you can just submit stuff and I’ll look through it. Even if you’re not black, although it is based for black skaters, by all means  submit whatever contribution you have to skate culture and I’ll put it up there.

Any last words?

Submit! Submit! Submit! I need more content. Tell your black friends that skate. If you have a skate brand you can submit it to me. I want to see more black-owned brands too. The more I get the more I can give back.