Chris Arias, otherwise known as FoodEatsChris is a young, unique photographer from New York City. He has done shoots with people such as Ian Connor, Luka Sabbat, Nessly and many more. Over time his work has become more recognized throughout New York City and more sought after from people who influence the culture today. We’re happy to be able to interview Chris today, Enjoy.

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How old are you and where are you from?

Chris: I’m 19 and i’m born and raised in The Bronx specifically 170 st but now i live in the South Bronx.

What or who inspired you to get into photography and fashion?

Chris: Well I didn’t really get an inspiration, my cousin and I would take iPhone pictures of each other all the time and we just took pictures of how we felt. I’m not too into fashion, i’m neutral, I have some knowledge under my belt but besides that I appreciate a good style over fashion any day.

Do you plan on making photography a career?

Chris: Of course! Well if not my first option then my second which would be a music journalist. I’d make my photography a part of that also but what It seems at the moment I just like taking cool photos and seeing people excited for getting their photo taken.

Does music have any influence on your work?

Chris: Yes. Specifically Hip hop music and it’s sub-genres such as trap and all that other good stuff. It’s rugged style is cool to me so in a way I try to make my pictures as pleasing to that audience as if it were the music itself. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all kinds of music (yes, including country) but there’s something about trap music that’s so universal.

Is there anything you plan on working on or getting into creatively besides photography?

Chris: At the moment i’m writing scripts for a film I’m getting out as soon as I’m ready. I’m going to direct it myself maybe even be starring in it. I’m in no rush to get this film out I try to focus mainly on my photography but also try to have fun with anything I can come up with.

How does it feel for your work to be recognized and appreciated?

Chris: I don’t really feel anything. I mean it’s cool I guess, but it’s nowhere near where I would want it to be. If anything I’m only really concerned if anybody that can help me out in the long run is paying attention, then that would get me really excited.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Chris:  I don’t know honestly. If anything my partner Bob is someone who I usually work with so maybe him. he’s a really good photographer but we don’t have anywhere near the same ideas. Which is why i’m always fascinated. But If i could work with lets say a company, i’d want to work with streetwear brands such as Stüssy, Supreme, etc. If it comes down to specific people I want to take pictures of I would honestly say Danny Brown would be insane to take pictures of; I wouldn’t mind taking his portraits on tour.

How would you describe “FoodEatsChris”?

Chris: I dunno really. Just Foodeatschris?

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