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Findtwlve Lookbook Shot by Senclaire


I’ve been given the blessing to watch my city, Orlando, thrive before my eyes. The buildings are growing taller, the streets are sounding louder, and the people are getting closer. Growing up here, I must admit, I wasn’t quite fond of the idea of golf courses and theme parks, but as time progresses and my generation ages in unison, I realize how substantial the creative influences empower my city and it’s millennials.
One of the many beautiful individuals in this city is someone I met in the backlot of SpaceBar, Marci Sanchez, the found and owner of FindTwlve, a clothing store of hand-picked vintage garments with timeless designs and styles. I’ve been honored to direct a lookbook for the brand and speak to Marci, herself. Enjoy!



Shot by writer and photographer for Senclaire, Juan Vintimilla, and creative directed and organized by me, Kimberly Lopez, we present to you, a personalized Senclaire LIVE lookbook featuring some of Findtwlve’s most recent garments and badass model, Rebecca Rodriguez (@behqui). 


Who are you?

My name is Marci L Sanchez. I am the founder and creator of Findtwlve.com, a street wear and everyday wear vintage brand based out of Orlando, Fl.

How old are you?

I am a beautiful Twenty-eight

Where are you from?

I am originally from Allentown Pa, born in a little county called Lehigh Valley.

What do you do?

Well passionately I source vintage clothing to be resold on a website that I also curate. I source these garments from places I travel weather it be France, NYC, Atlanta or locally here in Orlando. I enjoy the hunt for these pieces because when I find something that hits, it brings excitement in knowing someone else is going to fall in love with the piece.. I like people’s reactions when they’re like “ I HAVE TO HAVE THIS”.

When did you start doing what you do?

I would say I’ve been thrifting for my self for the past 5-6 years. I started merchandising the pieces when I was in my last year of college. I was using my business classes in school as an environment to develop and grow my ideas for the brand. Findtwlve showed face for the first time January 2012.

Do you do anything on the side? (Work, school, is this your full time

I have a really dope job that allows me to work and focus on Findtwlve.

What motivates you the most to continue what you do?

A lot of things inspire me to merchandise vintage clothing; the main drive is the independence that comes from being an entrepreneur. I don’t really like being managed or ordered around, Findtwlve is my baby business child, which gives me total and complete creative control.
I also see it as a way that I can also give back to other countries. I don’t see findtwlve as “just “ a vintage brand; soon I would like to get involved with philanthropy. There is a great need in many countries and I want to do my part.

Does your brand have a message to its buyers/viewers? If so, what is it?

Like all brands I just want people to dress and express themselves as they please, I want Findtwlve to be apart of peoples lives, not just because we have that killer pair of Calvin Kline jeans that you love but because we are truly a hands on brand that is also out here supporting other local talent, photographers, artist, musicians whoever.

3 words to describe your brand:

  • Endeavoring
  • Matchless
  • Present

3 words to describe you:

  • Blessed
  • Invested
  • Relentless

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Definitely merchandising for Findtwlve and as always brand development, I am also starting to develop a branch of Findtwlve that will debut sometime in the fall. I majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising in College and design is another love of mine. I want to get into garment development and product sourcing.

Do you have anything big planned for your brand/art in the near future?

I’ve had a few opportunities to set up pop up shops in the Milk District of Orlando and I have another one coming up April 7th 2017 at HENAO contemporary arts center.

Anything to say for the supporters reading?

I definitely want to thank EVERYONE who has supported Findtwlve from the beginning, I’ve had a lot of accountability partners that have encouraged me and pushed me along the way. Orlando is a beautiful place to grow a business because there are many people who are on the same playing field also, so I am just growing with all these other amazing and talented brands. This is only the beginning from Findtwlve and I mean death is really the only thing that is going to stop mhttps://twitter.com/findtwlvee from pushing and nurturing my brand.


Thank you for reading! 

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