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A friend of mine since middle school has always been an exceptionally good drawer, creating abstract art based off of things we encounter in our daily lives. From animals to celebrities, Ethan Wright allows his imagination to roam free when creating his art, hence the detailed and unorthodox drawings he produces. I asked him to do an interview with me so that we can see the thought process of an artist.


Kanye drawing consisting of many of Ye’s album themes

Who are you?

I am Ethan Wright, an artistic socially awkward college sophomore majoring in biology.

ehtnan 6

“The Lion King” themed drawing

Where are you from?

I am from Elizabethtown, Kentucky- a town in Eastern Kentucky. Not many people leave Elizabethtown and typically just end up becoming farmers or contributing to their tiny society. Shortly after I was born my mother and I moved to Lexington, Kentucky where we lived for a number of years. When comparing Elizabethtown to Lexington there is close to no similarities between the two and to me Lexington was filled with many things for a young kid to do and much more diversity in cultures.

Drawing made on the request of a friend

Drawing made on the request of a friend

Where do you reside now?

As of right now I live in Georgetown, Kentucky but I spend the majority of my time in. When spending time in downtown Lexington or on UK campus I am amazed by the amount of art that I see on the buildings. I think that is one reason why I feel so comfortable there is because the city has embraced the art that has really decorated and separated Lexington from society’s clean-cut rules. 


“Huckleberry Finn” Themed drawing made for English class in High School

Do you look at drawing as an escape?

It isn’t much of an escape, rather a doorway leading into my head where fantasy becomes a reality for me during the time that I’m working on a piece of art.

What is drawing to you?

Not to sound cliché but drawing to me is an expression of the inner mind. As soon as your pen hits the page for the very first time you’re in control. You are the creator of your own imagination and drawing really allows me to explore without borders into my own imagination. I get lost in my drawings because all of a sudden hours are going by like minutes and it’s just me. My drawings are more than just pictures. There is no talent in a picture with an iPhone. It captures something that everyone can see on a daily basis. A total stranger could take the same picture the next day. It isn’t art. But when someone creates something that hasn’t been created before, that’s art. It’s new and unique. When I’m on the other end of the pen using my ugly hands I have confidence that I can created something incredible that no one has never seen before- a true work of art. Art is a challenge. It’s seeing what I’m capable of creating with whatever I have at my disposal. it isn’t for anyone else but myself. Many times I’ve drawn something that others think of as “cool” or “incredible”. Even though I appreciate their admiration, all I truly need is the satisfaction of showing myself what I’m capable of doing. I’m always pushing myself to be better. Sometimes I’ll come back to a piece that I’ve worked on in the past and see how I could’ve done it better. It’s true when people say that you are the harshest critic of yourself.

ethan 5

A heart drawn on a wall in Ethan’s house using chalk

What kind of drawing is your favorite?

I typically enjoy doing just black and white drawings. IT allows me to shade as much as i want which i thoroughly recommend to anyone who wishes to expand their artistic skills. I can spend hours adding details and shading at the right angle to capture whatever it is i’m trying to accomplish. I also admire the symbolism in many famous works of art. When i can turn a story into a drawing/sketch with a deeper meaning i feel like those are some of my best works. it’s capturing the thought of others and inspiring them to believe that anything is possible. Imagination is the key to art, individualistic thought is something anyone is capable of.

ethan 1

Drawing consisting of random characters from Charlie Sheen to Peter Griffin

Where do you find your inspiration for your drawings?

My inspiration stems from my imagination. How can I turn something normal into something truly unique? Many times if I’m just taking notes I will all of a sudden see the grooves and shadow of the paper take shape before I even touch the paper. It just forms right before my eyes and then the next thing I know half of my paper is covered in some off spout drawing daydream. It all just comes natural it isn’t necessarily a forced effort. 




Snail licking a mushroom



Mac Miller themed drawing

If you had to provide advice to someone new to drawing or painting what would you say?

It would be to never give up. The more you doodle or sit starring at something coming into life the better you get. It’s possible for everyone you just have to want it.