“I’m black. I make music.”

Here at Senclaire, it’s often that we see many mind-blowing artists and creatives showing us their talents in our submissions. We see a countless amount of future innovators and idols constantly, yet there are sometimes that we see people who overlook everything we thought was amazing. One of those people is Chicago, Illinois artist, Ëkoli. Ëkoli has opened our eyes to the wonders of a new amazement with his most recent project “Eliyahu Hanavi.”

*Love & PeaceII/dilligentdisciple*

There are many distinctive aspects of this project that makes Ëkoli a very different, cunning artist. One of those many aspects are Ëkoli’s method of creation; here in this project you will notice a few things. How well it is all mixed, the different sounds and vibes that string along with it, but most importantly you will notice that the entire project is created out of 2 instruments. Ëkoli’s voice and his guitar.

That’s right, you read that correctly. ONLY TWO INSTRUMENTS. Ëkoli does an amazing job at presenting each song with a piece of himself. All over this project are ideas and memories that have progressed in Ëkoli’s life since his previous one. Below every song in a description of its meaning, creation, and  importance to Ëkoli. Not only does he embody himself in his music, he creates a way for others to embody themselves in it as well. Ultimately creating a stream of vibes emerging from one track to the next wrapping the listener in a world unfamiliar, yet comfortable.

“This EP was completely created by one instrument. The one instrument that was used in the making of this EP was guitar. You may hear bass, drums, or other lines… those sounds came from a guitar and nothing else. The other instrument used in the making of this EP was my voice. These creations are personal and intimate. I want you to experience something by listening to them. I want you to become better, to love yourself, to accept yourself, to not worry so much, to make executive decisions, to wave away your distractions, to become successful, to be an individual, to be great. I love you.” – Ëkoli

For more music and updates from Ëkoli you can follow him on his Twitter and Soundcloud page. Be sure to stream Eliyahu Hanavi on Ëkoli’s above as well on his Soundcloud page. We hope you enjoyed this review as much as you will enjoy the project!