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New Jersey is something like the breeding grounds of some very dedicated, hard-working rappers. It’s only the mindset of getting money and living good, a real New Jersey lifestyle. This is something rappers nowadays try to copy; this whole style of rap, stack bread, eat with your family, repeat seems to be a very successful method for many of the creative and different rappers that come out of the Dirty Jerz. Many times you’ve seen us cover many different artists from Jersey, as of recently two have caught our eye with their hard work and individuality. We got the chance to speak with Jersey rap duo Ed RiCH & LiL Larceni, the two who’s been bringing their names up from the dirt all by themselves. Below you can read our interview as well as stream many different tracks from the two.

*Most recent track from Ed & LARCENi*

Who are you?

Ed: Ed RiCH, just a nigga out here on his grind Tryna get to that bag

Larceni: I’m lil larceni, the prodigal son of the rap game. Niggas hate me, but I’m too focused on them racks to care.

Where are you both from?

Ed: Jersey City Up top

How old are the two of you?

Ed: I’m 34

Larceni: I’m 17 now

What is it that the two of do?

Ed: Circumvent the law any means possible…. Get money make hits….

Larceni: Smoke thraxxx, Make ugly hoes throw 5, Sip xans and pop lean…

Ed: Yeah I like picking fiends up by dey wrists and dropping em on they heads…

How did the two of you meet?

Ed: Summer camp, lil nigga shit. Like 8 years ago.

Damn 8 years?? What was it that made you both click?

Larceni: Me and this nigga stole an air horn from the lifeguard post and we would just let that shit go off in serious moments. Counselor would be giving a speech about behaving and the airhorn would go off. He’d be salty af, shit was hilarious.

Ed: Facts.

Lmao so all of this was pre rap right?

Larceni: Ed actually the reason I started rapping. We were on the bus and he told me to spit a 16. Every nigga that’s lived in an urban environment has written some shit at some time in his life so I rapped it. I know it was trash af but he said he fuck with it and gave me the confidence to become the best.

Ed: I heard one of my old homies say ” I was sent to earth to cause chaos and havoc and great disasters to these faggots. Closed caskets for rappers who false flashing, trappin, drug trafficking and gun clappin ” once I heard dat at da age of 17 had to rap or atleast try.

*Music from Ed RiCH & LiL LARCENi*

So what was it like for the both of you starting off rapping? How would you compare your current styles to your past ones?

Ed: I know how to rap so well dat I don’t have to show it so now I’m just havin fun.

Larceni: Yeah I use to take it seriously but now I just say the first thing that comes to my head. My old SHIT was dark my new shit is flex.

Do you have any inspirations as far as music goes?

Larceni: Yeah earl sweatshirt, jay z, drake, and future.

So what’s it like being artist in Jersey? Is there an active music scene or do you have to get it on your own?

Ed: Yeah I just do me.

Larceni: Def have to get it on your own, but me and ed are bringing attention to our city so things are gonna change ASAP. Before we started making music artists weren’t even going there, so it’s good to see that.

How often are you two making music?

Larceni: Always. But timing is everything. I’ll sit on a song for a year idgaf.

Ed, it’s been almost a year since No Handouts dropped, how has the year treated you since this release?

Ed: It’s almost time for da next one.

What should we expect from the sequel that we never got on the 1st?

Larceni: A feature from Lil Larceni hahaha

Lacerni, as of recently you’ve been previewing a LOT of new music, is there anything we should be expecting from you soon?

Larceni: WET coming soon. A lot of shit coming soon

So what’s your guys short term / long term goals as far as making music?

Larceni: Ima be bigger than drake by 30. Then Ima retire and become a pilot. Then Ima focus on tech and building iron man suits so I can stunt on anybody.

When will we see the two of you on more music besides when WET releases?

Larceni: We have an EP together coming soon.

Is there anything the two of you would like to say to the fans that’ll read this?


Larceni: Love you all. Thanks for the support.

Below are playlists for both Ed & Larceni’s music on Soundcloud. For more news on music and new releases be sure to follow Ed RiCH & LiL LARCENi on their Twitter’s. We hope you enjoyed this interview!