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Our lifestyles and past shape how we function to say the least. Eventually, we realize what we want to do with our lives and we strive to accomplish those respective plans. Eclipse has done just that, even with the location jump of Florida to Ohio…the artist before us wears his music on his sleeve and uses his past, present, and keeping strong with those in his life to keep the musical good times rolling.

Thanks for sitting down with me Eclipse! What’s your origin story? How’d you get your start in music? –  It’s good to talk to you man thanks. I always wanted to be MC I just never really thought I could. So I wrote poetry and stories to get comfortable with the idea of writing my thoughts. On and off I wrote raps but I didn’t get serious about it till Ryan (Totem Romulus) started writing raps and he wanted everyone in our group(TCSW)  of friends to join him. We were skeptical at first but we joined anyway and we started making music together.  Not everyone stuck with it but since it’s my passion I haven’t been able to stop making music.

What was going through your head when you first officially started writing your early stories and poetry? – If were being honest my early stories were basically me trying emulate “Yu Yu Hakusho” and “Metal Gear Solid” haha, but my poetry was like really sad and mean. I used poetry to talk about my feelings and when I was younger I was way more pessimistic and unhappy since I haven’t really had it that easy and i didn’t really believe in myself enough to effectively to change it. I had alot of hate in head and heart and poetry and writing stories helped me deal. I had a lot of ideas for stories that I never used. Alot of sci fi X-Men type of stuff. I always wanted to do a comic book.

Would you say the poetry and writing was more or less therapeutic for you? How’d your upbringing add to the types of stories you made? – Oh it was super therapeutic, and writing is still one of my many therapies. even if I’m not going to publish it I like to just write how I feel or just to keep my mind going in that direction. My upbringing is the main reason I write in the first place. i didn’t really fit in as a kid at school or in my own so whenever I could get time of focus I would write my feelings or write a story about secret agents on mars. just stuff that kept my mind off all of it.

When you started out doing music how’d that experience set the stage for your current status? – My family issues and some of my school woes really helped me realize that I was meant for something better and writing was a gift that if used correctly could make all of the problems in the end being worth it. It made me strong and patient enough to deal with the rejection and some of the other woes that come with being an independent artist. Also doing music helped strengthened my relationship with my best friends who helped me as I helped them during our first years doing hip hop. Me and Totem are still working with each other and bringing our visions to the people who understand us.


What was the start of you and Totem meeting and sticking by each other ever since? –  I met Totem in 9th through Anthony and we kinda clicked in this weird way. We never really had the perfect friendship but we stuck together and always had each other’s back. My house I lived in for 7 years burned down in 2010 and I stayed with Ryan’s house for a few months. His mom and former step dad helped me and other TC members all the time back then. Dude has done so much for me in my life I’m eternally grateful for having him in my life. We fight so much but we have a respect for each other that it doesn’t really matter in the end.

That’s what’s up man, both of you keeping up with one another all this time and working with each other. Could you elaborate on the group TCSW? – TCSW will be interpreted differently my each of its many members hahah. To me though it was a group of my best friends who are talented writers, rappers, singers, guitarist, drummers, wresting analyst, comedians, and whatever the hell else we want to be. I have met each and every member at different points in my life in Florida but in the end we all ended up together at some point. There’s me, Rom, Ant, Blackbeard, Fritz the Cat, Spectre, Kirby, $ellophane the Zealot, who were in the rap collective some heavy and some loose. But we were and are still friends. All my best friends extremely talented people I’ve known for decades now. My other family basically.

How’d the music scene in Florida treat you, as well as the rest of TCSW? – Well the first TCSW project that was really jumping were projects spearheaded by Matt Jadin ( Fritz) and he was in groups with other members in TCSW and beyond. The pistachios was the strongest to me and it’s still a band in demand in Pensacola Florida. Us as a rap collective didn’t really have some type of say till 2014. Me and Rom started going to open mics and killing the shows we did in Ft Walton and Pensacola and building rapport with the underground scene there which help me to do music with guys like nebular theory and Dalton Wright, both incredible artists. I had to leave that scene to move to Ohio for family reasons and I needed a change. The pistachios aren’t together anymore since Fritz lives in Mississippi. I do believe they will do new music soon. Their fans miss them and the Pensacola music scene hasn’t been the same without them.
With people like Fayde, Koi, Shway, BERNZ!, and more in Florida holding it down, do you think the music scene is in good hands? – Most definitely. People like that make really great music that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. I’m so happy I got to do a song with Fayde, cause the guy pushed me to step it up on wax and that’s always needed. I’m playing something in Baltimore with Koi so I’m excited to meet and more importantly see her live cause she’s like one of the most talented artist I’m hearing right now.

Was bringing your personality and sound to Ohio music scene a hard transition? Or was it more you picked up right where you left off? – It was at first, I just left home, left my friends and I had a end to a relationship I didn’t see going anywhere. So for a few months working on music was a choir and I even renounced my life as a rapper. I wasn’t really serious but I wasn’t where I wanted to be and I couldn’t express myself so I had to step back and formulate a plan out of this mental hell.

Is that the birth of your two projects Starboy and Goodbye 2? – It definitely was. Those projects started out as the color spectrum trilogy , which was supposed to be music based off the meaning of the  colors blue red and green. I started working on the idea in February with Totem and Fritz as executive producers. Moving halted that and some of the songs were scraped. I still wanted to do a multi ep release and totem mentioned he wanted a goodbye 2 now that I was really gone. I thought it would be cool to show through music the side of me before the move to oh (STARBOY) and the after of moving (Goodbye 2). Both were therapeutic and really helped me find the fun and confidence I had when I first starred.
Was having both projects be five tracks long always in your head when creating them? – It was going to be either 5-7 tracks. I took off a couple songs and a few features didn’t work out as planned but I always use that for future releases. I took the less is more approach since I didn’t want to much filler to take away from the central themes on both tapes.
What are some themes you wanted shown though the final products of “Side A” and “Side B” respectively? – Duality is the main theme for both sides, A.) I wanted to touch on being exciting loud strong and little bit foolish just as I had been in my final days in Florida. I feel like I was more experimental on STARBOY since i never really tried to make “bangers” but I knew i wanted to make more exciting music that still reflected my mindset. Side B.) is more of what I’m used to a little bit sadder a little bit more introspective. I wanted that to coincide with topics of dealing with heartbreak , leaving my friends and overcoming my doubt in myself and my potential. The themes of regret, sadness, redemption netting themes of spontaneous, anger and excitement is what Sides A and B are about.
What’s next for Eclipse music and life wise for the rest of 2016? – Right now I’m focused on promoting Side A and B and doing shows in Ohio, Indiana and Baltimore. I’m trying to bring the DIY spirit back to hip hop since i think alot of it so focused on the internet and how many followers you have or likes on Facebook. I wanna be the guy who’s out there actually seeing the people and having the people see me. I do plan on re releasing one of my past projects, Have Fun, with additional tracks just cause I didn’t have it sounding the best when it came out. I’m hoping me and Totem get to make another mixtape together cause we have both grown as people and artist and I think we would kill everyone if we dropped another joint tape. My overall goal in life this year is to be making enough money off music that I don’t have to keep working at mind numbing day jobs lol.

To wrap up, what advice would you give to artists out there going after their dream? – Do what you want, have fun, as soon as you try and fit in with everyone else and do what they are doing you have lost the battle. Always believe in you cause no one else is required to and most won’t so you might as well do it. Trusting yourself and trusting in your music will always mean more than the acceptance of non believers and for the people that do believe make sure to never let them down.

You can keep up with Eclipse and his daily adventures and even talk WWE with him on his Twitter, enjoy the tunes of his Bandcamp, and listen to his two new projects STARBOY and Goodbye 2 specifically at those links!