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Earthaklitt’s passion was innate but not fully acknowledged until about two years ago. One fateful day she had a revelation—art is her true calling & it brings her an immeasurable joy. Thus, away with psychology—her first college major. A risky decision that was met with discrepancy but also made it apparent who truly supports her, family & friends alike. Even then, her aspirations were not deterred, constantly drawing, painting, & connecting with new & more serious creatives—becoming inspired to work toward her goals. The influences present in her youth still affect her work today. Cartoons & anime seem to always play a role in her projects with anime being a benchmark for character roles & plot development. Last year saw many accomplishments as Earthaklitt toyed with new digital media, 3D sculpting & worked to complete her first official comic series. Her personality says, “Humble, but sure of my worth & never compromising.” Her talent speaks for itself & the online reception is no less than validation. It was my pleasure to pick her brain (as much as she would allow) & get to know the woman behind the paintbrush.



What did you want to be when you grew up? To have my own cartoon series or manga, haha. All I did was draw all the time, have my own characters and storylines, I still remember them. I wanted to be a lot of things when I was a kid but never actually a cartoonist or illustrator, from a paleontologist to a vet to a detective, it never occurred to my young ass to be an actual cartoonist but I was always glued to the tv when Toonami was still on Cartoon Network and I was literally raised on Adult Swim

So around what age did you realise that drawing was a true passion for you? I always knew I was passionate about it but I definitely began to take my work seriously like 2 and a half years ago.

“Then it hit me. And I was like fuck it. I am going to make this my career. I will excel and make my craft my life.”

Was there a certain instant or realization? What made you take it seriously Yeah, one day I was working on an oil pastel piece, then I looked at it and was so happy and at peace with myself. Like damn, this is me. It felt like my heart was gonna burst, it just felt so full. It sounds sus but that’s how I truly felt. And when I started college I was majoring in psychology, after my first semester I was so stressed because I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.

How did you get rid of that stress? Started drawing and painting. Then I was like what the fuck, why can’t I do this for the rest of my life? This is all I want to do. Then it hit me. And I was like fuck it. I am going to make this my career. I will excel and make my craft my life.

How did that affect school & your friends, family? I definitely feel like this has filtered out all the people that I don’t need in my life, I’ve cut a bunch of people off because they either don’t support me and fake care and/or they literally don’t believe in my potential and capability to be great. I don’t have very many friends now, which sucks. It hurts honestly, you go hard for people and look out for them and they can’t even simply give you a congrats on your accomplishments or share your work or buy it or anything. It’s the same with some family. It’s fucking disappointing but it’s not even about them it’s about me and my future so fuck ’em, we ball. And I’m still debating on whether going back to school or not, I recently talked to a cartoon animator and he advised me to go back and build my portfolio and/or just draw all the time. Not just with my style and aesthetic but do lifestyle drawings and still lifes. (I don’t want to cuz it’s boring but I will).

“I feel like I’ve been able to connect and relate to other creatives and they actually take me and my work seriously. They motivate me, they inspire me.”

You said that you’ve had to cut a bunch of people off but I’m sure your work has brought you to meet & make some new friends, right? Of course! And I’m so grateful for that. I feel like I’ve been able to connect and relate to other creatives and they actually take me and my work seriously. They motivate me, they inspire me.

I know you’ve been influenced by cartoons, Toonami, Adult Swim, but how do you describe your style? That’s hard. Warped, maybe. Conceptual, cluttered, an intense tone, almost as though you’re anticipating motion from my pieces. Energy and movement through tone and color.

What’s your creative process, how do you begin a piece? I have no concrete method. Sometimes I start with line, sometimes I start with color, just blindly creating a figure if I don’t know what to create. Then it turns into something either trash or fire

Trash or fire, do you keep the “bad” ones or still release them? I think a lot of my pieces are trash I gotta let ’em grow on me to be honest. If they’re mega trash I just keep them to myself and keep working on them or scrap them completely

Did you reach any milestones last year? Biggest accomplishment? To be in art shows! My biggest accomplishment was just beginning the comic I’ve been working on now. And also being able to try other digital media like 3D sculpting.

Do you feel that your art is getting the appreciation it deserves? Somewhat. Actually, no. Not enough. In due time though.

Have you been inspired by any other artists, past or contemporary? Yes, Matisse, Kirchner, Klimt, Salvador Dali, David Rappeneau, Darius Moreno, Bryant D Gyles.

Where did you grow up & how did it influence your art? Long Beach, It influenced me because I’m so exposed to so much shit. Especially going to a performing arts school. It’s taught me to be open.

What projects are you working on now? I’m working on a comic, another series and a clothing collection

Can you give any details about the comic? Has it any relation to the previous one? It’s the same comic I’m collaborating with @alston2008 and I’m not telling haha, I can’t.

What about the clothing collection, what’s the name? What garments are you releasing? BBTD is the acronym, aha, I’m not giving the full name, but my garments will consist of a lot of silk and a lot of cotton. That’s all I’m saying.

“I’ve been watching anime since I was at LEAST 4 or 5. I had them sailor moon VHS tapes.”

What’s your favorite piece & what does it mean to you? My favorite piece is my Rei fan art piece. I love Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s my favorite anime and there are so many fascinating themes and unanswered questions regarding that anime. Rei happens to be one of my favorite characters. If you’ve read the manga or watched the anime she’s a test tube baby, basically. She’s quiet, dissociated and from my understanding a clone of Shinji’s mother, who then becomes part of the 3rd impact and becomes this huge entity that literally dissolves all living beings on earth. She’s that bitch.

Does anime have a lot of influence on your art? Yes it does actually. Not necessarily pertaining to style though, really with storyline and character development. That’s why I love anime so much. It’s more than Japanese cartoons to me

When did you get into anime? I’ve been watching anime since I was at least 4 or 5. I had them sailor moon VHS tapes. Plus, Adult Swim always played anime, way back when they slotted the shows during week days and weekends super early.

What’s your top five of all time? Fooly Cooly, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Wolf’s Rain and Darker Than Black.

What do you think is the greatest advice a peer has given you? To literally just do it. Don’t just talk about it. Make a plan, budget!!! And don’t tell everyone your ideas!!