1lfljse_Who is DrownMili?

DrownMili not a person. DrownMili is not alive. DrownMili is a brand, a philosophy and a feeling.

Where did it originate?

I’m very indecisive. I get 100 ideas in my head daily and 1 day i was like fuck it,DrownMili. Mili was my nickname among my friends, and I chose drown because I identify with the concept of drowning. To be overwhelmed by something bigger than you, ya know

I think we can all relate to the feeling. Describe your history with Mob9.

We all went to school together. I first met BurnKas & Sah Supreme in 6th grade and that’s when we started rapping. As we got older we recruited more people and now we’re huge as fuck haha

Everyone in Mob9 are my brothers. Brothers b4 this rap shit.


Yeah, it definitely feels like a family vibe more than anything. Why Mob9 though?

Why the name Mob9?


Mob mentality. We have influence wherever we go, and 9 represents the main members.

Right-right, ok. Who would you consider your biggest musical influences?

Growing up, I was exposed to a shitload of different genres. My influences range from Michael Jackson, Pharrell/N.E.R.D, Kurt Cobain, 36 Mafia, Kanye, Tame Impala,Soulja Boy etc..

The list goes on, but as you can see, I’m influenced by a lot of different sounds and perspectives.

Were you born&raised in New York ? How was your upbringing as a kid?

Yep, born and raised in Ny. My parents were divorced, and I grew up a single child with my mother. I was a shy kid but I was very laid back and i was cool with alot of my peers even though I didn’t necessarily “fit in”. I usually would day dream, draw, listen to music, write; the typical artsy shit haha

I was so innocent when I was younger, i wasnt the most fortunate but all the negative shit didnt really matter to me until I got older.

Childhood certainly has a way of disguising misfortune.

Do you mind if I ask about your dad?

Feel free man..

First off my condolences, but how did his passing affect you and your perspective ?

Appreciate that man, & his death probably was the most life changing experience I’ve had to live thru in my 19 years of life. I went into a long existential depression. I felt like baby vomit everyday. Just meaningless and alive for no reason. Those were some of the worst times of my life, I tried to hide my thoughts and suppress my feelings and it made me a very hallow, self deprecating asshole. It took for me to accept that death is guaranteed and we’ll never know when it’s our time to go to truly change how I looked at life.

Nowadays,, I feel like life is short, death is long. And since we’re alive we might as well live it up ya know? I still feel like shit though haha but it’s a little more easier when you have acceptance in your heart.

Yeah, death is one of those things you never really get over, just kinda learn to live with. What’s the difference DrownMili right now and the person you wish to become? Or would you say you are there already ?

Definitely not there yet, I’m young as fuck and I feel anybody who believes they have everything figured out is full of shit. The difference between DrownMili today and DrownMili in 5 years is experience. As I live and gain experience, I solidify my own morals, ideas and virtues while finding out new things. Life’s an adventure ya know? I feel like I wont know who I truly am until I take my last breath.

But until then I’m just exploring and staying as true to myself as possible.

You touch on psychedelics in your music , what’s some clarity you’ve gained while under the influence?

I fucked with LSD I never tried shrooms yet but… I don’t know, I think my psychedelic experiences have taught me that even though that life can be hell sometimes, theres beauty in everything.

Ever had a bad trip?

Yeah I sure did. I went to SXSW with 12 tabs in March. I took 2 with a few other members in the 999 and I realized later that they were fake. I was really paranoid, and I kept having these weird images of holes in my body. Shit was hell. I was straight afterwards though haha but yeah, that shit was bad.

Lmao yeah fake acid is just a life headache. On God.

Fuck fake acid 2016 thats my campaign lol

Besides that describe your SXSW, and was this your first one?

Yeah this was the first one. I enjoyed it, it was definitely a great experience. Im a NY nigga so I brought my timbs with me, it was tight. We and the gang were talking about going back this year. Only time will tell I guess.

My nigga said “I brought my timbs” . I’m dead weak. Anyway, Sad Faces EP is prolly one of my favorite projects I’ve heard this year. Can you explain the concept behind it, or is it just a cohesive collection of songs?

I had a sad face on for most of this year, and I thought about what makes me frown and what makes me smile.

I recorded like 30 songs this past summer. “Sad faces” is a collection of songs that make me smile when I listen to them. So the project is a gift to the people with their sad faces on, I want people to feel good when they listen to my shit. Get that energy out.

Is “hurt him” about…yourself?

You ever watch a cartoon and the character has the “good angel” and the “bad devil” on each shoulder. Hurt him is the bad devil taking over. Just being consumed with rage

Do you have any upcoming projects you wish to speak on?

I have something coming soon. Im pretty spontaneous so i dont know lol.

Lastly, give me one thing you want to speak into existence.

Donald trump isn’t going to win. RIP JfK.