Texas has proven time again that it has the sounds and star power to make waves. DRNRDX from the label IRAS is one of those artists. He’s a Producer and a DJ that supplies all the sounds necessary for your function or if you need some new sounds you never knew you needed. I interviewed DRNRDX and we’re getting into the man behind the music!

DRNRDX or Darien the Red X

Much love for doing this interview man! For the familiar who exactly is DRNRDX? – Thank you & Not a problem, man! I’m honored & for those who don’t know who I am my name is, DRNRDX which is pronounced, “Dare-n The Red X”.

When did you get into music professionally? – I’d have to say I started producing in 2012. Once it was December I finally had enough money to get my own Maschine Mikro & moved from GarageBand. I’ve been using Maschine ever since honestly, but when it comes to DJing I had my first gig in July 2014 with no controllers it was a nightmare lol April of 2015 I finally had 2 controllers to actually sound good with & is when I started taking DJing more seriously.

What made you want to get into music in the first place? What’s your origin story? – I’ve always been fond of music honestly, I remember sitting in my parent’s car during rides I’d think I wanted to “make the background sounds for songs” which is producing instrumentals, but it really wasn’t until I was 18 that I REALLY wanted to transform from being solely just a consumer & into a creator. I would always imagine what it would be like to sample a song I was fond of that caught my ear & eventually, I was able to turn those thoughts in to listenable audio tracks. I could honestly say video game soundtracks & anime played a big role in my music especially because on my first beat tape (Letter 24) the majority of the songs are video games or anime samples with my own personal twist to them. After I saw how people actually liked my stuff it pretty much lit a fire & made me want to continue even more with producing, but not just for myself, but for my fans that’s, I’ve made over time as well.

Early on, what was your music making process like? – Hmmmmm the process? In the beginning with originals it was usually a spur of the moment type thing. I’d fiddle around with sounds until something caught my attention & build from there. When it came to sampling, I’d usually have somewhat of an idea crafted in my head & try to continue off of that but most of the time, I would make something entirely different. Sometimes that was good & at other times it was quite a nuisance. A habit I do have is when I hear a song I like I’ll throw in a “To be sampled” playlist so I don’t forget in the future.

How’s the Texas Music Scene in your eyes? – I can’t speak for the whole state since I haven’t seen what it’s like in other cities, but in Dallas from what I’ve seen in the past is that it’s divided, but EXTREMELY TALENTED. I have seen at times when people come together & those times are great, but it doesn’t happen frequently enough in my eyes. I’m sure it’s like that in every major city though. People only fending for themselves. Crabs in a barrel mentality for some, but I definitely wouldn’t say most. I’ve seen my share of good & bad & I isolate myself from anything negative. I’ve honestly stepped away from the scene (but I’m definitely showing face more now) & have just been working with my team, (IRAS) over the past few months. We love the city, but we want more than the metroplex. We want the whole planet.

For the unfamiliar, what is IRAS and what are they all about? – The IRAS is the Independent Recording Arts Society. It was formed by my good friend, Matthew Winn aka M-Saw. He is the whole brain & heart for our operations. What we’re about is delivering great content regardless if it’s a video, songs, production, etc. I’m not 100% sure how familiar people outside of Dallas are, but the acts on our roster are people like Devy Stonez, Danny Cainco, KissedKilled & Loach. Those are the artist. For the producers it includes me, Larce Blake & Berry Banks.

How’d you come into contact with the IRAS? – If I remember correctly, M-Saw reached out to me & the rest was history at that point. I’ve known M-Saw before I was even making music at all. I had only been making beats for a few months at that time when I was recruited, but I’ve loved it ever since still to this day.

What’s been like taking over and helping the Dallas music scene? – I honestly can’t take any credit for that. I don’t feel like there is a specific take over for the city of Dallas. I can definitely say IRAS though has definitely made its mark out here. It was established in 2012, but it was really in 2014 when it started making waves & they’re going to just continue to grow & thrive from there. All the acts & producers are very promising. We like to look at it as “Improvement is the movement” (Word to Terrence Spectacle) & The improvement is for progression not just an impression.

How has your sound progressed over the years? – man my sound has matured A LOT especially since the release of “Letter 24”. Back then my main niche were samples from anime or video game soundtracks. Now, I’ve branched out beyond that, but I keep those old sounds with me & mix them with new sounds. I actually know what I’m doing for the most part when I go in now or I at least know how to try to manipulate the beat to be close to how I envision it, but producing is a process 9/10 times I go in with an idea & another one pops up before I can finish one & I end liking the new idea more. Sound wise though, I’ve definitely been into soundscapes that envelop the listener into a trance or puts them somewhere depending on the beat & also I love Balie Funk. Sango is definitely one of my influences & favorite producers so it’s because of him why, I’ve tried to take a swing at that genre & throw in my own “DRNRDX Seasoning”. I feel as though I’m constantly learning new things & my sound will continue to evolve as time progresses as well.

After all these years what’s the reason that you keep producing and mastering the music you’re delivering? – I’ll be honest right out the gate & say I don’t work on my craft as much as I should or like to & its mainly because of fatherhood & I’m back in school so it’s gonna be hard to manage all of that. It’s wild, but I could’ve quit ages ago, but part of me just won’t. I don’t want to. I feel like I’d be disappointing myself if I just flat out retired now. I’m only 24 and I know for a fact I haven’t reached my peak yet. I have homies like Kissed Killed & Larce that help keep me grounded along with my girlfriend (VRYWVY also an AMAZING DJ) as well. A great support system is essential for anyone especially if you’re a creative. All in all though I can’t stop because I don’t want to & my loved ones don’t either & I just enjoy producing & DJing entirely too much. I can’t stop & I never will. If I hit a glass ceiling then I’ll just break the motherfucker & proceed on with my craft.

 Congrats on the fatherhood and going back to school! What are you hoping for in 2017 with your music career? – Thank you very much & honestly self progression, collaboration & an EP as well. I’ve had one on one meetings with M-Saw & a look on the outside is something every creative needs at times to get a different stance on themselves. I’ve been reading more, DJing, producing obviously & collaborating more. It’s good to work with others & learn because you can only do so much on your own & it’s always interesting to look at something with a different perspective. I have started work on the EP, but no release date, title, tracklist just yet. I do have many singles I’ll be releasing through the year so keep an eye out for those as well. 2017 I want to be the best DRNRDX ever & even better for 2018 & so forth.

To end off, what would you want people to remember about your music and producing? – What I want them is to remember me as an individual. I want them to remember a moment when something I created made them feel any positive kind of emotion. I aspire to inspire people out there too. I want people to be able to hear something & be like “Oh I know that’s DRNRDX’s production. That’s his sound” & people who’ve been listening to me since 2012 will probably say that honestly, but I want it to spread. It makes me feel amazing to hear even 1 person believe in me or say my music made them happy or even something simple as someone saying they play it when they study. It’s stuff like that keeps a lot of people going honestly. Always a great feeling knowing something you’ve created has impacted someone. It’s wild honestly, but that’s what I want. I wanna make an imprint in people’s ears, mind, heart & soul. That includes DJing as well. I love making people (งツ)ว dance or put a song on that makes them get a stank face haha it’s a great feeling. I love music. I’m very grateful that I was given a gift & I need to appreciate it much more. I appreciate this opportunity for this interview & thank you once again.

Listen to the music of DRNRDX on his Soundcloud here! and keep up with his tweets on Twitter