It’s not often we get to cover substantial projects such as this one. With all of the patience and hard work that goes into a piece of work like this, it’s always worth the wait when we can finally see one of our favorite artists create in their natural habitat. Today we present a rare, new born composition in all of it’s glory.

Indiana underground legend Drayco McCoy arrives to the scene fully loaded with his new project “8TON GORILLA.” After taking almost a year hiatus since his last project “Ratchet Ass House Party Vol. 1” Drayco has slowly been previewing us his evolution as an artist. You can tell from his singles and loosies that he’s been working on a different perspective of flow and lyrics. As we can see now, Drayco’s practice and time off were not for a vacation.

With production from Big Cat, Nuez, Captain Crunch, TayMasterChef, Mathiaus Young, MadBliss, K Stacks, Lord Fubu, & BlkYth (btw if you’re keeping up with your producers you know that this list is phenomenal) McCoy once agains proves he a force not to be fucked with. Since his start, McCoy has gone no where but up and continues to climb an everlasting ladder of success. Now, he’s showing you all how far he’s come up on that ladder.

You can stream “8TON GORILLA” above or on McCoy’s Soundcloud. Be sure to follow McCoy on Twitter for more news and updates on shows, visuals, new music, and much more. We hope you enjoy!