First and foremost and I am not here to write a bad Dom Kennedy review, I’m here to write an honest Dom Kennedy review.

As a fan of Dom since 2010 and Watermelon Sundae’s, I am quite disappointed in his CD entitled “Dom” by Dom Kennedy. With the release of “Get Home Safely” in 2013, I expected another hit from Dom, but I was sadly mistaken.


In case you missed out on “Get Home Safely”, I’ll just fill you in. “Get Home Safely” was Dom Kennedy’s first “official” album, following all of his successful mixtapes such as “From The WestSide with Love” & “The Yellow Album”. Get Home Safely gave us powerful collabs with artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Tee Flii and TyDollaSign. “Still Callin” feat. Tee Flii gave everyone a new anthem to ride around and get high too. While “Dominic” and “South Central Love” brings us back to a younger Dom and his hometown of LA. Long story short, it was the type of CD I expected from Dom Kennedy. It was a great “Freshman” album, very well done.

Dom Kennedy Dom Kennedy

“Dom” by Dom Kennedy didn’t have as many features as “Get Home Safely” but it didn’t have as many tracks either. With only 11 tracks and one feature I thought “Wow. Dom is about to do something crazy amazing with this album”. I was expecting some powerful shit for his sophomore album, but all I received as a moderately done album with lack luster hooks.

“Lemonade” is one of the more disappointing tracks on the tape. Dom, were you tired when you wrote and recorded this track? I almost fell asleep in the middle of the song. And what was that chorus? I mean…. there’s so much he could have done with this beat yet the song fell flat.

“Thank You Biggie” and “On My Hometown/Nobody Else” truly saved the album for me. I’m very biased when it comes to OMH/NE because it’s a track produced by J.LBS…and if you know me (well you don’t pretend you do) you know I love a Dom Kennedy/J.LBS tracks, Dom truly understands his beats and I appreciate it so much. “Thank You Biggie” is a subtle ode to hip-hop legend and the only Christopher we acknowledge, the one and only, Notorious B.I.G. Dom lets us know off top it’s hard road to get where he is, where he’s gone, sometimes nobody is down to help, people stop showing up, but as long as your favorite song growing up is “Get money, get money”, you’ll be alright.

“Birthday’s was the worst days, Now we sip champagne when we thirsty (name that track)… that’s for real, and that’s for real”.

Sophomore albums are a tricky thing to master correctly. Especially when you’ve had such a strong start in mixtapes. However, don’t count Dom out because his sophomore album lacked momentum. “Dom” by “Dom Kennedy” isn’t a terrible album, but it isn’t knock your socks off amazing either. It’s a decent sophomore album from a really good rapper who has plenty of time and potential to grow.

“Ooh, this was always plan A, let me know what you tryin’ to be…  I’m the one they tryin’ to see, give these girls all kind of D..”