Davo, a young artist from Chicago is emerging onto the music scene and creating sounds that will keep you wanting to listen.

Introduce yourself.

Um, well my name is Davo, I’m from Chicago and I’m 20.

When did you start making music and why?

I started making music in January of 2015. I started because I had an idea for a song; from the beat to the hook, every part of it basically and up to that point I haven’t recorded anything I’ve just been writing and I didn’t want to give the idea to anyone else I knew that was making music. I was like fuck it I’ll do it myself, so that’s when I recorded my first song.

What’s one weird thing about you that nobody knows?

Well, something that’s weird that’s coming from a rapper is that I don’t plan on rapping as a career. I’m just doing it as a hobby. I plan on doing more than just music shit, I want to do visual art and something relating to movies. And you can tell that I’m inspired by that in some of the songs that I have made.

What’s the music making process like for you?

I have a pretty decent amount of producer friends like Uglyfriend, Brent Rambo, ### (Three Hashtags) and Team Jacob. For the most part I’ve been friends with all of them for years and once I started making music and taking it seriously we’ve been working on the regular basis. Usually I’ll get a beat from them and I just get to making stuff. Unless I’m freestyling, in the case that I’m freestyling I just get random beats in the studio.

Do you have a plan for becoming successful at music or are you just going with the flow?

I do have a plan and it’s funny because part of the plan is just going with the flow because that’s what I’m doing now. And, once I get more clout tokens I’ll start going through the stages of the plans that I have in mind now. The plan is basically just working with all of the people that I know. I want to work with the same core group of people when it comes to creative shit; ya know, the whole team eats. I definitely wouldn’t be as far along into this as I am if it wasn’t for the people around me.

Who are your artistic influences?

It’s funny because this isn’t my first interview and this is always a hard question to answer. When it comes to stuff that I got some influence from, I get ideas from my favorite movies, other artists, designers, painters, everybody. That’s why I’m looking forward to getting on and getting on Rap Genius, so people can understand my shit. I’m also apart of a group called Fiend Club and our logo is inspired by Misfits and most people wouldn’t really know that.

What is Fiend Club?

It consists of me, Ish and Etienne I’ve known Ish for about two years now. It’ll probably be more rappers that are members soon but as of right now we only have a couple of songs recorded right now. And I’m planning on working with Assar to work on visuals for a song by the group. As a group, we’re just friends and all have the same interests and attitude when it comes to the music that we make so as of right now it’s just us making music. Later down the line we’ll probably be making things other than music and expanding and adding more people to the group; along with more music releases from the whole collective.

What’s a day in the life of Davo like?

I mean, I have been working or I’m at the house bored most of the time. If I do decide to get out of bed for that day I’ll probably decide to link with the guys. If I’m not making music I’ll usually go out and be apart of the scene; if I’m not in the house trolling people in the scene.

I know you’ve done a few shows so far, what does that feel like? Do you still get nervous?

I don’t get nervous for shows, public speaking was a problem for me when I was younger and since I’ve graduated I don’t really have a problem with it anymore. I honestly like to talk to random people like I know them and shit. So yeah, public speaking isn’t hard.

How have you grown as an artist?

I feel like anyone as an artist will tell you that the first thing you have to get mentally prepared for is hearing your own voice. Once I started recording stuff and heard my own voice on a regular enough basis I got used to it. That’s actually a big deal for a lot of people, like they’ll have this idea for a song and once they record it and hear their voice they usually just stop rapping altogether if it doesn’t sound how they imagined it. I wasn’t even used to my voice on my first song. Bankroll is my fourth released song and by that time I was finally used to hearing my voice and I was really starting to like my own shit. And once I got that down I was pretty set.


Are there any new projects your fans should be on the lookout for?

Yeah, I have a lot of music with Team Jacob, Uglyfriend and ### on my computer and I also want to work with Ganesha Void. I might be releasing an EP before the end of the summer with Team Jacob so look out for that!