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“Don’t suppress the darker parts. Embrace what you have.” – DanVHefner

Welcome all, welcome! Every now and again you know we gotta bring it back to the gritty, grimy underground. Who else better to pay a visit to than our good friend DanVHefner? Especially on the man’s birthday! We stopped by to pay a visit and ended up leaving with gifts, DanV bought us a new exclusive with “Darkseid” produced by SpaceGhostPurrp. Along with the “introduction to the dark side” style Dan also bringing a matching visual to go along with this new song. DanV’s been very lowkey as of lately to take time to perfect his craft and evolve as always. Even still, this is a rare occurrence. So be sure to show DanV the love and wish the man a happy birthday. Below you can watch the video for “Darkseid” and follow DanV on his Twitter and Soundcloud pages for more news on new music and releases! We hope you enjoy!