I remember popping my first Perc, being in the front seat of this nigga’s car, thinking “How the fuck did I get here?” I was high and open as fuck, but it was lit.

Prior to him, I’d never even though of smoking weed…but when it came to him, I would try anything. I’d do anything. It took a while for him to get me that way but once he did, I was sold.

If I was high, he was higher. He looked at me with eyes nearly closed and mumbled some words that sounded like, “You know I love you.” It made me blush and smile every time. When I said “I love you, too,” he’d always tell me not to – because to him, it felt like I was only saying it because he did first. I’d always say it back though, because I meant it.

I moved his dreads form his face to get a better look at him. So handsome. I wondered if he believed me when I said it. His skin was smooth and even. The most perfect shade of brown I had ever seen. a little rough around the edges but my type for sure. And those eyes – they’d tell me some stories without him having to say a word. Hypnotizing to say the least.

He himself was a drug. Whenever he was inside me was a trip on its own. The more we fucked, the more addicting it became. It never got old.

Pleasing him was a hobby for me. He wasn’t a man of emotions but the way I locked my lips around the base of his dick got him in his feelings. I licked up every inch of him ad never missed a spot – just like he taught me. “Say ahhh,” e said as he grabbed the back of my head – and I’d obey and open wide, taking every inch and then some.

The way he thrust in and out of my throat turned me on. He fucked my face until I gagged and he laughed at me. The tears came, the snot dripped, then I spit on it and continued to let him have his way. The way he moaned “Yes” in approval as I throated him got me wet as fuck. “Shiiit,” he moaned again. I did that thing with my tongue and he loved it.

I was ass naked, on my knees, letting him treat me however he wanted. I loved it when he grabbed me by the face and forced me, loved it when he pulled my hair, loved it when he watched me play with myself while I sucked him slowly. Turning him on got me off every time.

I don’t know how he did this to me, but he treated me like a hoe and I lived for it. I was a good girl, once upon a time – but he changed me and I let him.

He knows me – my mind and my body. I knew he would be my first way before I gave him the pussy – and he knew exactly what to do with it. I regret nothing. He was the only man I let get this close to me. The only man who knew what I tasted like. The only man that could say he had me. That was Daddy.

I let Daddy take advantage. Even when I sucked the sense out of him, he slapped me in the face with his dick and made me do it again. Anything for him. I took him in my hands and let the tip roam around my lips like I was putting on lipstick. Licked him again from the tip to his balls and sucked gently as I stroked his dick in my hand. Times like these I’d think about the times when I told him I’d never suck a dick. He had me swallowing those words damn near every night.

Daddy’s favorite way to fuck me was from behind. He did it so well that it became my favorite, too. Sometimes I’d bend over and bust it wide without him having to ask.

Before he gave it to me, he’d admire my ass while I was face down – forehead touching my knees. I liked when he gave it a hard slap. He handled me recklessly but that was how I wanted it.

Neither Daddy or I liked slow and steady sex. I liked being controlled and pushed around and that’s how he did me. I cherished that first stroke – the one that made you say “Oh fuck,” because you anticipated it so much and it always felt better than you expected.

I heard him say “Oh shit,” when he squeezed himself inside of me. I closed my eyes and braced myself. Daddy wasted no time. He took me by the waist and gave me all he had. I swore I could feel him up by my belly button sometimes. It hurt in the best way. I remember he fucked me to tears a few times.

Daddy filled my little hole up nicely. I arched my back and spread my ass apart for him and he went a little deeper. “Ohhh shit,” I moaned. He hit my spot. He knew he hit it, too because he tightened his grip on my waist and started hitting it harder. M moans got louder. “Shut the fuck up,’ he said playfully, smacking my ass as he said it. He knew what he was doing.

“Fuuuck, fuck, fuckkk,” I whined with every thrust. He pulled my hair and went deeper. I tightened up and told him to go slower. I wanted to feel all of it. The sound of him swearing under his breath confirmed I was doing my job. Before he could nut, he pulled out and ate me from the back. He made his tongue go in and out like he was fucking me and it meant the world.

Daddy sat on the floor by the edge of the bed and motioned me over to come sit on his face. He grabbed me by the ass and went to work until my legs shook uncontrollably. He sucked on my clit until it was the size of a milk dud, then sucked on my lips and did the same – until they were fat and swollen. I called out, “Ouuu daaaaddy,’ as my sweet juices flow from within. He flipped me over onto my back but he wasn’t done yet. Daddy stuck two fingers in me and sucked on my clit some more. “Say daddy,” he said. He made circles around my girl this time and he reached up and massaged my nipples. I bit my lip, trying my best to hold back from screaming, but he made me, “Ohhh, fuuuck, Daaaady!” He was making those circles a lot faster. My entire lower body shook. Daddy licked me up again and didn’t miss any bit of my pussy. He took his time with it – ate it like he was on death row.

After I came the second time, Daddy piped me some more. I remained on my back as he held my legs down, with my knees up by my ears so I couldn’t move. Daddy was a good 9 inches and about as hard and wide as a flagpole. He put me in this position so I knew exactly who Daddy was.

My pussy was soaked and Daddy was stiff as a board. I braced myself again as he put the tip in slow – then he took it back out and teased my clit with it. It was at this moment he drove me completely crazy. Daddy knew exactly what to do and how to do it. He went back in again even slower this time but put all nine inches in me. Daddy gave me one slow pump and two faster ones and kept going just like that. The way he was moving, you’d think he was trying to give me a baby, but I didn’t care. I played with myself as he went in and out – that made him go harder…faster…deeper. Digging me out was and understatement. I moaned louder with each thrust until he freed one of my legs and put his right hand around my neck.

He continued to fuck me as I struggled for air. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and he still fucked me. I never told Daddy to stop. He held both legs with one hand and choked me with the other. I could feel the pressure building up. He was hitting my spot again, unapologetically. Daddy choked me harder when he felt my walls closing in on him. Those last few strokes after he tightened his grip around my neck sent me over the edge – and I squirt like a fountain.

That was three times Daddy made me lose myself, but he still wasn’t done so I assumed the position. I barely caught my breath from being choked senseless before I got back on my knees again. “Fuck it,” I thought. Daddy pulled me by my hair and fed his dick to me. I could hardly take all of it and almost gagged like last time. He was about to burst. I massaged his big balls as I slobbered sloppily upon his dick. “Shiiit,’ he said under his breath and I kept going. I started using my tongue and it was a wrap. He bust his nut all in my mouth and all over my pretty lashes. I swallowed his creamy goodness and felt so accomplished. Daddy collapsed onto the bed – finished.

“Video tape me next time,” I said as I threw him a towel. He shook his head and laughed at me – but he knew I was serious. “Bet,” Daddy replied. The we sparked another blunt and did the same shit the next night.