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Cris Dinero is among the youngest and most talented producers in the underground scene currently. In just a few months after his huge collaboration with underground Miami artist Smokepurpp, Cris has collaborated with Florida’s biggest and most influential artists such as Wifisfuneral, Robb Bank$, XXXTENTACION, etc. Today Senclaire has the privilege to chat with Cris on his production and artistry.

How old are you and where are you from?

Cris: I just turned 17, i’m from Brooklyn, New York and I moved to Miami about 3 years ago.

Who’s your biggest influence and why did you choose to produce before rapping?

Cris: Travis Scott is my biggest influence, and it was harder to get yourself out there as a rapper or an artist as it is to be a producer because you can just send fire beats to big artists and then build from there.

Did the change from Brooklyn to Miami change your perspective on music?

Cris: I mean yeah, it changed my perspective a lot because Brooklyn was so boom bap compared to Miami which had beats that were crazy and original and something i never heard before.

How did you feel when artists you looked up to started to use your beats?

Cris: Shit was crazy, i didn’t even know Robb had used my beat until my mans Rody had let me know about it. I was MIA for a while so it was even more surprising when i heard the news and even after that as shocking as that was, Later on that day Wifisfuneral got on periscope and played the track with my beat and he even said it was his favorite track off his album. Shit left me speechless deadass.

So who do you want to work with?

Cris: I really really really wanna work with Larry League, D-Savage as well, and Pollári.

What you working on right now? Who are you working with?

Cris: Saturday, i’m dropping another track, i’m trying to stay consistent every month. Also next track after this one i’m about to drop is gonna have a big feature so be on the lookout for that don’t sleep.

Where do you see yourself in a year?

Cris: I honestly do not know, but i just hope i could get filthy rich, I’m tryna ballout by next year. I’m a junior right now i gotta flex on everybody senior year.

How can you describe Cris Dinero?

Cris: A well known flexer.

Any last words?

Cris: Be on the lookout for these upcoming tracks im dropping and DEFINITELY be on the lookout for shit i got with Robb, Purpp, Wifi & other new artists i’m rockin with right now.

Follow Cris Dinero on Twitter and Instagram @crisdinerox and Thank You for reading.

*music produced and music by Cris Dinero*