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2016 did a lot for me… It created the bridge that lead me to finding myself and my passion and turning that passion into what I do today. A lot of the things I’ve learned throughout this year, whether it be professional or amateur, I’ve learned one very important thing. I’ve learned just how much you all sleep on the artists and graphic designers behind your favorite rapper/producers artwork. This year alone has been the rise of many different artists and creatives because they know their time to shine has come along. I mean think about it? Where would your favorite artists be without their vibrant, authentic, & artistic artwork to attract your eyes to their music? No where my g, your favorite rapper would be no where. As easy as it is for these musicians to make a name for themselves off of their music, over the years it has become increasingly harder and harder for the people behind the creative vision of such music to show themselves and gain the respect for their hard work. Well 2016 will stamp as the year that these artists put their foot down, came into the light, and proved to the world their creative talent and their true nature behind their artistic work. So without further delay I would like to introduce you all to the creative powerhouse with a roster damn near longer than that of the Senclaire team, the group consisted of all different types of artists going into all different creative fields. Today I would like to present to you all, creators direction®

Kimberly Lopez

First up today is Kimberly Lopez, visual artist over at creators direction® & visual director over here at Senclaire Magazine. Since we’ve first interviewed Kim in June of this year we got to watch firsthand as Kim grew as artist and as a businesswoman. Since our first chat Kim’s success and progress has multiplied by damn near 10 fold, to this day Kim continues to expand her creative vision and her reach to other eyes across the world. Today we got the chance to catch up with Kim and get an update on life since our last interview.

Hey Kim! How’s life?

Kim: Hey Norrin!!! Life is pretty hectic right now. But in the best way. I’m a full-time student at my dream school and art is now my homework and my job. Living the dream.

Congrats! How has your creative process changed since we last spoke?

Kim: Well, since my schedule is pretty full now, I’ve temporarily stopped doing digital illustrations and I create visual graphics now which is so cool since that’s a side of design I always appreciated but never tried. Turns out I love it and it’s more technical than organic which allows me to practice a different side of digital art.


Which side of digital art would you say you like more?

Kim: This is a tough one. I enjoy both so much but if I really had to choose I’d have to go with illustration. It’s who I am and what started this whole journey for me. My illustrations are so personalized and usually take me weeks to complete. I enjoy drawing every detail of my own artwork instead of cutting and pasting images, textures, and text. Graphic design is so versatile and has more options in that aspect, but my illustrations are just my unique style that I grew on my own. I like the idea of being able to create literally anything I want with graphics, but nothing is better than building this piece from scratch and analyzing every detail with so much pride. I put all my effort in my illustrations and I enjoy watching other people notice that.

Have your goals and aspirations changed throughout this year?

Kim: Oh, hell yeah. It hasn’t even been even a semester yet and I’ve already changed my major, haha. I want to expand my graphic work to a more technological/professional form. I plan on studying user experience design now instead of my original plan of interior design. I fell in love with graphic design and I can’t just leave it behind. My short-term goal is to start expanding my work to marketing and advertising such as creating newsletters, logos, columns, etc. My long-term goal is to master web design and make an app one day. I just want to take advantage of every opportunity given to me, ya’ know? Challenge myself, expand, create

Has your school environment changed your perspective or any of your views on your art?

Kim: It has made me appreciate all mediums of art. I used charcoal for the first time last week isn’t that funny? If anything, it’s just made me better. It’s forced me to expand my horizons and work around deadlines, preparing me for the creative career I want. My design class allows me to push my limits in my digital art and my drawing class forces me to master realism on paper isn’t of on a computer screen. I just enjoy everything I do, every form of art, and I’d test anything creativity related if I could. A lot of people mistaken me as only a digital illustrator, but I branch out so far from that. My education allows me to truly become an artist; an innovator, and I can’t wait for people to brand me as such.

Are there any other inspirations in your life besides your environment at school?

Kim: Hm, my inspirations usually revolve around the art I see on a day-to-day basis. Through Twitter, museums, Instagram, etc. I don’t have any exact people to call out at the moment, but I’m sure I have plenty if I had time to think about it. As for style, I’ve been really digging minimalism and bold colors. I’ve been inspired by people I’ve met in this new town full of artists, and most importantly, I’m always inspired by my team. In CD we always share each other’s art and it’s always lovely to see the massive improvement. I see Trap doing big things in Cali now and I’d have to say that hit me a lot. I’m happy for him and the rest of the group and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. From other internet artists like me, I’ve been really inspired by the people online that I’ve been closest to. Jonathan’s (@hushcult) paintings are remarkable, Bernz’s (@deadmonbernz) work ethic and versatility is so impressive, Andre’s (@svqqa) spray painting is so clean, and Zach (@vizualzmt) just dropped this dope book that looks absolutely incredible!!! This list could go on forever, but the point is, I’m inspired by these moves this whole Twitter scene is making. We’re growing, Norrin. I get inspired daily by these beautiful things I’m exposed to on a daily basis, it’s wonderful.

How did you get together with CD?

Kim: It was pretty simple, Trap liked my art and Dm’d me. I couldn’t say no.

Is there anything you didn’t get to accomplish this year that you’re going to in the next?

Kim: I want a job!!!!! But I’m tired of busting my ass at some part-time shit hole for minimum wage doing something I hate and not related to my future. I’ve been looking at internships at graphic design companies for the summer, connections from friends, opportunities online, etc, and just praying something new comes my way. Like I said before, I’m trying to branch out and build my experience. I want this bomb ass resume by the age of 20. I just want to grind, dude. That’s he best way I could put it. I’m proud of how much I’ve grown as a person this year considering that I started all of this art only this summer. I want people to notice my potential and I’m an impatient gal who has the work ethic of a 34-year-old entrepreneur with a brief case but I’m just so young and enthusiastic that I just need to realize my time will come and to just take it day by day and see what happens next. 2017 sounds like a very eventful year to come.

What would you say your dream job or goal is?

Kim: My dream job would probably to be some sort of freelancing art director where people pay me for my ideas. I would love to have temporary jobs, full-time jobs, make art on the side, and just have multiple projects to work around my schedule. Be a stylist, a user experience designer, a graphic designer, be hired to design a space, make furniture, make apps, create websites, and just anything that sounds like a fun creative time. that’s the goal. The dream. I’ll make it happen, and if not, I’ll keep trying.

Kim: Now if we’re talking crazy long-term dream jobs that are above and beyond, I’m trying to be a CEO of an art company. A huge one. Like an Apple, but for every design possible. I want to hire talented people in different forms of design departments (architecture, graphic design, fashion, etc) and just let them do their thing. That’s like the dream job after the dream job. I’d fund art education and fund art students with grants and scholarship opportunities. you gotta keep the arts alive man, i’ts important in human life regardless who you and if you pay attention to it or not. it’s an honest expression. But that’s another story for another day, hahaha. 

Well Kim, thank you for talking with me. A lovely conversation as always, is there anything you want to say to the people who’ll read this?

Kim: Thank you for having me once again, Norrin. You’re always a blessing. Well first off, I’d like to thank you, Norrin, for sticking with me from the beginning and hopefully for the eventful years to come. You’ve noticed my potential before I even recognized it myself. You’ve opened doors for me and you’re a fantastic writer as well as a human. For the folks at home, thanks for reading. Thanks for listening to my thoughts and ideas. Thanks for staying interested. And if anyone out there is interested in my works, let’s talk, let’s collaborate. Or if you just want to speak and talk about art or just view my works if you havent already, feel free to DM me or follow me on Twitter and Instagram. For business inquiries, email me at kimglopez@icloud.com.  Hope you enjoyed, have a lovely day


Concept Rxch

Last up today, we bring you a short interview from a good friend, Concept Rxch. I spoke to Rxch for the time in March where we originally talked his origins and start outs with BANY Records. As time passed since that last conversation, Rxch builded himself and his branded himself higher than most sky scrapers and was able to use his talents for other creative groups like RasiedByFilm. I recently got to check up with Rxch and get an update on his progress and work before the year is over.

Hey Rxch! How’s life?

Rxch: Life.. is life lol. Rn it consists of a full-time job, time with my family, a girlfriend and of course working on art. Going out and having fun when I can find time for it as well. (Not necessarily in that order lol) just a lot to do and think about daily, but I manage the best way I know how.

The last time we spoke was earlier in the year, how has your creative process or styled changed in these past months?

Rxch: To be honest lol it hasn’t really changed, I don’t mess with what doesn’t need fixing. I’m always for things to add that work for me though. Well actually, My style changes a lot, like so much. Earlier this year I focused on more of a dark aesthetic, inspired by the dark ages and renaissance paintings. Now I prefer a real life / fantasy sort of aesthetic, where I use bright colors, characters of different shades and moods to get across any message I want the viewer to receive.

Concept Rxch

What do you think influenced this small change?

Rxch: Honestly was just ready for something different, something new and refreshing. I got tired of the depressing and dark tones and I guess felt that I took them as far as I could go with them. I did a lot of that stuff during a time when life wasn’t really fun for me. So now that things have brightened up a little bit, it’s only natural that my style would as well.

Have your goals and aspirations changed throughout this year?

Rxch: I would say that they change definitely. As I conquer an obstacle it’s time to move on to something else. I really really don’t wanna be stagnant. Keep learning and progressing. I have to be better than I was last year.

You’ve come very far since the last time we spoke, where do you see yourself and your artwork another year or so from now?

Rxch: Doing much bigger and better things. Books, Merch, Cover art, Websites, billboards.. literally everything! Any and everything I can leave my mark on. It’s been put into the air. It’s already done.

How did you get involved with RaisedByFilm?

Rxch: Honestly it just made sense to join up when offered. I had already been working closely with a few of the members on the release their projects. (@itscontour) (@ILLADELL ). Pretty much I rocked with them even though I wasn’t an official member, and that was fine with me. I’m usually not to be attached to bunch of collectives because it gets weird sometimes. Fast forward to a small gathering at @asuranory (formally warholtheghost)’s place, he expressed to me that he’d been  a fan of my stuff for a short while. We share similar backgrounds and outlooks on the Charleston underground art and music scene as well, like I said.. it just made sense I guess.

Do you have any new favorite pieces that you’ve made?

Rxch: Yes, these pieces are my favorites right now. I put my newer styles to work in the way that I envisioned. Intense pops of color combined with minimalism. The skin tones are an ode to Jonathan Green, a well-known painter from the low country.

Why are these specifically your favorites?

Rxch: These portray a few things, I feel the most important is that they celebrate people of color. The fact that black is beautiful, no matter how bright or dark. The faces are unseen to represent that we all are human beings, we deserve respect. Identity doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter who it is. We are all one. In my pieces I love to have my characters portrayed as giants. We are gods, we are biggest. The best. Nothing compares to That sort of thing.

Should we expect more like this in the future?

Rxch: Yes! Expect me to take it much farther than this. Possibilities are endless.

Anything to say to the fans that’ll read this?

Rxch: I appreciate all of the support, thank y’all so so much for the encouragement, you have no idea how much it means honestly. Keep your eyes peeled, more on the way.

You can follow Kim & Rxch on Twitter to keep up with more news on art releases and events by the two. Be sure to lookout later this week for more interviews from the rest of creators direction®! We hope you enjoyed these interviews!