Conceptual VaginasConceptual

For the past couple months, three young (and very talented) women, Kangie West, Nicole Zizi, and Jade Gordon, have created their own platform, “Conceptual Vaginas”, with the purpose to empower fellow women. If you think the name is a little out there you should just check out the merchandise that they have designed for their platform:

Conceptual IMG_9932These three young and very talented ladies have taken Conceptual Vaginas as far as putting a drawing of a vagina under the word “conceptual”, genius? I sure think so.

However, Conceptual Vaginas is more than just having a “vagina”, as it states in the bio of the Conceptual Vaginas twitter page (@conceptualvags), “#Conceptual/#ConceptualWoman is a platform for women to showcase their talent and empower fellow women.”

Now what is a Conceptual Woman you may ask? “A #ConceptualWoman is a woman who embraces her feminine divine, creativity, and uplifts her fellow woman peer.”

The ladies behind Conceptual have made a name for themselves in the South Florida growing art world by being apart of the XLaced and Creative District team, a group of young artists who host events and give opportunities for other young artists in South Florida to showcase their talents.

Now these ladies have come together to host their own event for Conceptual Vaginas, where it will be full of beautiful women showcasing their talents and empowering each other through support. They even give ladies the chance to win tickets to their highly anticipated event, Conceptual, by posting a selfing with the hashtag ConceptualWoman every Monday. ConceptualIMG_9935Conceptual

However, for young women in the Twitter world this is not just a chance to score free tickets to an event; it is more of a way to feel confident within yourselves and have a sense of unity with other women through Conceptual.

We see a lot of feminist movements on social networks such as the “free the nipple” movement but nothing like this. It is not everyday where you see a group of women working to bring out the talents of other women in a positive manner. I am so excited to see what these ladies and what ladies all over South Florida have in store.

Full flyers for the Conceptual show have recently been released with the event date, June 13th 2015,  and the opportunity to RSVP for the anticipated event. However, the chance to RSVP to Conceptual was limited, as it is already sold out. The all female-based event includes live painting, visual art, spoken word, live performances, and vendors. You can still purchase tickets at or you can purchase a ticket at the door the day of the event for an escalated price.

For more information follow the official Conceptual Vaginas Twitter page.