CleanSkateCo & Senclaire, One Year Later

We’re rebounding our friends all around the site this year, a lot of people we’ve featured in the past have gone on to do some great things they themselves probably never thought would happen. Because of this we’ve decided to check in with some of our old friends and see how they’ve been since the last time we spoke. Today we’re back with George Hammond of CleanSkateCo, the skate brand I interviewed last year in January. You can read our short talk as well as peep a small gallery of new pieces and photos from CleanSkateCo. Hope you enjoy!

What’s up George how you been?

George: I’ve been good man, just been chilling.

Last time we spoke was the first interview I ever did, I can’t thank you enough for that talk, how much has changed since that convo last year?

George: Actually not much has changed, still in school, still making clothes. Only things that have changed are I’m making and selling more which i am really grateful for.

Have you resolved any goals or resolutions you had for CLEAN in 2016?

George: I pretty much met all my goals for 2016. Set a lot higher goals for myself for 2017 to see if I can meet those. I want to push my self and the label a lot farther this year.

The merchandise has evolved in all sorts of different ways, what do you think has made an influence on the newest collection?

George: I really like this newest shit, I’m trying to make better quality stuff. Not just screen prints on hoodies and tees like these other lil brands.

What should we see this year from CLEAN?

George: I’m going into a lot more colors, materials and a wider variety of graphics in 2017. People are going to be seeing the label in a lot more places too.

Favorite piece from old/new collections?

George: My favorite piece is probably these new jacket that I haven’t released yet.

Make sure to follow George and CleanSkateCo on Twitter for more news on drops, photos, sweepstakes and possible coupon codes. Interested in getting some new CleanSkate? Below is a link right to their website! I’d take advantage of this opportunity while the heat still stands!