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Nobody ever said you had to be a fashion head to start a successful clothing line, right? Of course they didn’t which is why we got the chance to speak with George Hammond the creative director/designer behind CleanSkateCo, an up incoming clothing line straight out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, on who he his and the history behind CleanSkateCo a couple of days before their January 2016 lookbook release.

First things first let’s start with the Clean Skate Team, who’re all the members of Clean Skate? 


George: As of right now we don’t have an official skate team other than my homies. Zack, Jay, T, Corbin, Cam, Drew, Joe, Ian, Talen, Greg, Lank and Tevin

Where are you guys based at? Is everyone from the same place?

George: We all are from south west Michigan, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo

George Hammond

So how long has everyone been skating?

George: Everyone? Shit elementary I’m not sure but elementary school for sure

Who are people who work with the clothes is that everyone too?

George: That’s only me. I create, make, finalize, pack, and ship everything. With the help of my homies that draw sometimes

How long have you been making clothes?

George: Like 2.5 years now.

Have you worked with any other clothing lines or have you just been focused on CleanSkate?

George: I have never worked with anyone else, but I’d definitely be down to work with people

Do you have any idols? Like people you’d want to collab with?

George: Ehh not really I didn’t come in with any idols or people I want to work with. There’s people i look up too for sure tho

Who are they?

George: Shit anyone doin it better den me really, no goofy brands that have ever been in the mall tho

What was it that made you wanna make clothes?

George: Shit got to college. Got bored. I’m not a fashion head at all tho.

Are you still in college? What school do you go to?

George: Yeah I’m in wack ass school. I go to Kendall college of art and design in down town Grand Rapids. Ima junior or something idk anymore

What’re your expectations for 2016? How do you think you’ll do this year?

George: I just wanna make clothes I like. I don’t really care if it goes anywhere really. To be honest.

How does it feel to know that all your clothes are going around all over the country?

George: It’s crazy S/o Cali tho I get more orders from there than Michigan.

So is the rumor of all the work behind packing and shipping hell true?  

George: Yes the rumors are true it’s a pain in the ass. I sew alotta shit together on a lot of the pieces myself too.

Is there anything you want to say to whoever reads this?

George: Um go fuck with clean at www.cleanpremiumskatewearco.com Buy something if U fuck widdit if not das cool too. RIP the PBR palace. Savage life.


Maxo Kream for CleanSkate

Maxo Kream for CleanSkate

Pouya for CleanSkate

Pouya for CleanSkate