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Chief T is the embodiment of a true creative. One that does not boast but allows the work to speak for itself. His origin in the arts stems from childhood, sketching and expressing creativity through the visual art medium. His first project (Skateboards & Gameboys) made available through bandcamp in 2012 is an experimental blend of bars, metaphors & clever wordplay. Since, the most recent releases—theSoul, Springs Break & Humid encompass more abstract tones, deeper thinking & expression. “Push On” is an example of Chief T’s ability to keep a steady flow over the track, hookless, unyielding. Verses that need time to develop, the listener left pondering the last notion before the chance to inquire the next. Chief T’s music is soulful & mellow, easy to ride & smoke to. His graphic designs see color and conceptual variation, differing from piece to piece & still keeping some type of identity, that is obviously Chief T.

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A short talk with the artist, detailing his inspirations, growth & goals.

Who is your biggest inspiration in art & music? With art it wouldn’t be a who it would be time periods; like the Italian Renaissance to the era of pop art and the cartoons of my childhood. But if I had to say someone it would be Picasso. He had a variety of styles; they always changed. Rather if they were a phase or not. I took the variation of style and made my own varieties.

Tupac has always spoken volumes through his poetry to me. His background is relatable in situations & more so with my mother. He always pushed people to be better and to think. I use to be lost in the glammer of being a star but I realized after high school that I want to make people think. Lil Wayne was a major influence with words I didn’t know; I would look them up after the song to understand what he meant. Which eventually led to me reading a dictionary regularly through 10th-12th grade (I hate reading).I fell in love with wordplay. Overall I enjoy making all kinds of music. Its an art so I like having fun with it. But ultimately what I want people to get from my music is to think for themselves. Don’t be confined by ignorance.

Excellent. So which came about first & which do you have more of a knack for, art or music? & what other creative pursuits are you involved in? Originally sketching came naturally. I’ve been doing as a child but also had music aspirations as a kid as well. Music is an art and I have talent in just about every aspect of art. I don’t limit myself. I sketch, paint, design, photography etc. I have dabbled in producing beats and videography but I haven’t had much time for them. Those are 2 fields I’d like to broaden. Also work on my photography skills. If it’s an art I will do it.

Do you think your city had an impact on your creative outlook? Has it hindered or influenced your creative aspirations? Yes, tremendously. My surroundings have been a big influence on my creative aspect. I don’t look at things the same so when I’m looking off at the horizon we’re not looking at the same thing. I have had some setbacks do to certain situations but nothing has really kept me from creating. If there is an obstacle I find a way to get over it. I learnt at a young age to persevere and I have a strong dedication for my passion.


Have psychedelics effected the way you create? No, besides jumping from idea to idea I create the same. It’s just a different feel when I do from a psychedelic.

How do psychedelics benefit you? They give me a true feeling of myself. I have no fears. A psychedelic will have me view things from a different perspective.

Your psychedelic of choice? Shrooms. Friends have had DMT, acid and LSD but I haven’t gone that far.

How do you define your music style? I don’t. My flow changes. I experiment as well so I let it be what it is.

What do you think is the biggest growth or change between DWMEW & Humid? My view of what I realized I needed to do. DWMEW was when the vision started becoming clearer. Of course my lyricism has improved. Better concepts & subjects to make music about. I’ve gained so much I can give to music; the time is all I’m waiting on.


What are your personal goals with art? What are you working toward? To achieve an appreciation and love for my work as much as I do. I simply want to create & be a well respected creative. Money will come but even if i only a starving artist the passion will always be there. And just like me I want to help other creatives reach their goals. I support good work & talent. It’s deeply appreciated when reciprocated.

Any advice to other creatives? Yea, not to be negative but someone close to me doubted my talents and called it a “hobby”. If you have a dream in life then pursue it. Don’t live your life living someone else’s dream.

author: @jay69