Chicago Sleepers & Senclaire, Interview

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Last week, I got to experience something real. Not often can I say I’ve been to an event and actually felt like I was supposed to be there. That the people who curated that event and created its schedule did it exactly just for me and my mood the time I was there. Recently we’ve had a lot of people behind the scenes coming together and doing their own thing for their friends and fans whether it’s doing events or setting up shows or shooting films. Whatever the case may be, they’re doing something for the people. In a recent trip to Chicago I got the chance to meet many people I’ve been waiting to meet for a while, as well as do one other activity. Attend a Chicago Sleepers art show. During my trip I got the chance to fulfill my wish and visit the Sleepers after their art show last weekend. I saw creatives, friends, family, and fans all together in one place having a good time and appreciating each other’s company. People who’ve met through the internet networking for the first time and fans seeing their favorite artists up close and personal. For me it was getting the chance to see something I never thought would be possible; so I had no other option than to interview the Sleepers themselves. Below you can read our conversation as well as peep some of the pictures from that night. Hope the fans enjoy this interview, and I hope the creatives gain something from this.

So right now we’re in the Sleepers crib, so how did Sleepers even become a thing?

Lil Jake: Shoutout Max, Shoutout Lil Jaw, you already know what the fuck going on

Lil Jaw: I came over Max’s crib in August and we linked, I had an idea for a podcast and he had another idea for hosting art galleries and events and we both wanted to throw events so we just said fuck it and put it all together and killed shit. He had a dope name he pitched to, what was it? Your school?

Shot by Gabe Oviawe

Max: No it was an internship

Jaw: And at that point I didn’t even have a name for my idea so I just said “Fuck it, let’s run with Chicago Sleepers.”

Lil Jake: and then me and Jaw convinced max to quit his internship, cause we said “the internship is cool, but we can take off bro.” Cause we’re all a family! Me and Jaw have been close friends since the summer and I actually met Max a long time ago…

Yeah I was gonna ask, how did you all meet each other?

Lil Jake: Me and Max met first. We weren’t really friends at first but were cool, then and those two [points at Max and Jaw] became friends and by that time me and Jaw were already friends.

Jaw: Yeah cause me and Lil Jake been friends for a while…

Max: Shoutout to Sammy L’s too cause Sammy lowkey linked a lot of us together

[everyone laughs and agrees]

Lil Jake: Yeah cause Sammy knows those two [points and Jaw and Max]

Lil Jaw: Sammy linked me and Max together in the summer on some studio shit and we just linked after that

Lil Jake: And then me and Jaw know each other from [insert name] a while back

Jaw: Do we?… Oh yeah! Cause I saw y’all together a lot. Wait to be honest Jake, I’ve actually known you for a while too but I never really came up and talked to you

[They both laugh and reminisce on past events in high school and seeing each other]

Lil Jake: And then me and Jaw met again a couple of months later and then we just clicked on some best friends shit instantly

Yeah cause for real y’all are a big happy family and what’s funny to me is, Ok so a lot of people have actually tried this podcast shit right? And you guys are very successful in what you do right now…

Lil Jake: Honestly, I wouldn’t say we’re successful yet I’d say on the way because everyday we go home trying to get to where we want to be you know? Like getting close to our point but still having to put in that work to get the job done.

What’s it like being the Sleepers team in the game right now?

Shot by Gabe Oviawe

Jaw: In mean shit, it’s ok

Renee: Stressful

[everyone agrees in unison]

Lil Jake: Yeah like I gotta handle school right now along with all of this

Jaw: And it’s hard to find a job to be honest, it’s a lot of stressful shit

Lil Jake: Forreal, and I want to get to the point where I can make enough money that I can drop out of school and do this full-time, because this is actually what I want to do. [I FEEL YOU JAKE]

Max: Also trying to get Sleepers to the point where we’re financially stable so that we can continue to do this, and do this for a long time you know? Do it all the same and bigger with our own money, our own team, and plan. Because I want to give back to the city too.

Lil Jake: These art shows and galleries are cool like we love throwing little concerts don’t get me wrong, but I wanna get to the point where I can throw a full on festival. Chicago Sleepers fest you feel? You already know what the fuck going on bro, cause we just wanna continue to give people a good time. We had this one guy come all the way from Alabama and was like “I came down here for the Carti show and then I knew that this [the art show that night] was going to happen so I had to stay this weekend.” Like people all throughout the country and coming to show love. We just want the world to fuck with us hahahahaha.

Jaw: But this is just the birth of our work you know? All we do is game plan and execute, and it’s just all about the execution.

Lil Jake: Consistency too, so far we’ve stayed consistent with the art shows and every single one has gone like how you saw tonight.

Jaw: And we keep it like this cause we get an amazing response like, our RSVP’s went up like 200 hundred this time, and it’s just all love from every single person who came hahaha

Max: We honestly don’t ever see this coming but with this one we didn’t want it to be too big you know? So we just put the flyer out maybe a couple of days before the event then we just got the average amount so we were like “cool”, then I checked later today and we had like damn near 500 – 600 RSVP’s today.

Do you all ever think about why you get the appreciation you do?

Max: The best part about this place is that we have a perfect place to blend all the different groups of artist and creatives that are really involved and actually working hard and even regular people who live here.

Lil Jake: It’s crazy to see how many different people come here too like we have people who fuck with the rap scene, people who fuck with the art scene, and it’s really people who just want to have fun.

Max: Yeah and people get to come and like for the first hour and a half you don’t know what might happen, you might meet your favorite artist, see the visual work while it’s being put up, get some clothing, and then around the end it turns into a party. It’s really great how much we can do with the space we have, and we wanna keep doing everything we do for free and for the people

[Jaw and Jake shoutout other members of the sleepers team, shoutout Renee, shoutout Lundberg on security]

Lil Jake: I’m not even trying to flex forreal man, but one thing I love is that we had this one kid, before Sleepers started he’s been supporting us. Like he’s been a big fan of a Lyrical, big fan of, and always fucked with me and Jaw, and he’s been to every single event. No lie watched every single video, and we had to show the love back.

Jaw: Yeah I had to give him the exclusive gift bag, cause a while back I peeped he followed me on Instagram and had posted some videos of me dancing and I was seeing the captions and comments, and it was forreal touching bro

Lil Jake: We just want everyone to come together and have a good, that’s all we’re shooting for.

How does it feel to be able to accomplish something like that so often? Like tonight for example, tonight was a good night how does it feel to be able to do something like that?

Jaw: We Just love the support forreal, like Chicago is a big city so it feels nice to get that kind of response from such a big place with all different sorts of people. Especially because it’s a lot of people out here with “big egos”, so it’s good to see that people just come through for the support and love.

I wanna run back to something real fast, I wanted to mention this earlier. How the fuck did y’all find this place? How are y’all throwing events here and recording the podcasts in the same area like that’s crazy hahahaha

Shot by Gabe Oviawe

Max: Do not sleep on Craigslist!! I found this exact spot on Craigslist. So one time I was on the internet just trolling and just looking for a spot, and this was way before the Sleepers concept. I was looking for a place to live, but I always wanted to have an open area that I could use to do something similar. So I found this spot, called immediately, saw it an hour later, and signed two days later. And at that time we had no extra person to move in, we just moved right in. Also big shoutout to Big Jake he’s on the team too and he does the sound for Sleepers, he helps setup the events and everything. Anything that I can’t do I have Jake for. Also big shoutout to Gabe and Nico, they take photos of us all the time,

Lil Jake: Yeah shoutout Renee too

[everyone laughs and agrees in unison]

Jaw: Yeah cause Renee holds us all down. Whoever needs to be put in check or any options need to weighed, Reneé got us covered

Renee: You always have to look at the positive and negatives of every situation!

Lil Jake: Oh! I got one more shoutout too, shoutout Lundy, the official security and shoutout our dog Yams!

Max: We just have a lot of people who have helped us out a lot in the process to be honest, the family is bigger than you think and some of it is fans that just show love back to.

What do y’all see for the future of Sleepers?

Lil Jake: Chicago Sleepers Festival! Gonna WAY bigger than Lollapalooza hahaha!!

Jaw: Honestly we don’t know but we’re just gonna keep working to our potential and just do some out of your mind shit in the future forreal.

Lil Jake: And right now I’m working on getting a charity with my Dad to do some things for the southside and the westside, something like a school fund for a music program. We wanna have a great time and turn up, but we always wanna give back too.

Max: On top of all of what Lil Jake just said I can see us having a complex where we can just have tons of space for all different creatives to come and work as well as throw an event, or like we’ve said just have a good time.

Quick shoutout to the Chicago Sleepers, those are some real good people out there doing their thing! Below is a small gallery of more photo taken on the night of their art show. For more news on interviews, music videos, events & etc make sure to go follow the Sleepers on their Twitter and Youtube page. Below the gallery is also a small Youtube playlist of some of their interviews which you can watch for yourselves. We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview as well as taken some words of advice from this, thank you for your time!