Mad Endz Clothing is a New Orleans based clothing line that is as unique & individualistic as it gets. Sometimes, independent brands want to imitate more well-known & established brands in order to get more notoriety. On the contrary, Mad Endz seeks to establish their own trends & influence their own movement. Mad Endz seems more like a lifestyle brand; it caters to the individual who isn’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. The Mad Endz wearer looks fun & carefree as depicted in the video below.


me[infobox]In the summer of 2009, two young and ambitious entrepreneurs from New Orleans founded Mad Endz. Mad Endz was originated and is based out of New Orleans. Each and every product released has a story and purpose behind it. Mad Endz is sold in limited quantities in order to preserve its exclusiveness.

Besides natural creativity, the art of Mad Endz is inspired by New Orleans culture and grind, which gives it a unique edge. While it grew into a downtown New Orleans institution, Mad Endz established itself as a brand known for its quality, style, and unique authenticity. As the brand continues to grow and build upon itself, Mad Endz thanks all of its supporters for believing.[/infobox]

Stay tuned for a special interview with Mad Endz in the near future, you can get yourself acquanited with their products below & head over to the site if you’re intrigued.