Chapter Black is a Collective that finds strength in both variety and dominating their respective areas. With the dynamite rap and energy to power stadiums of Blackout, swagger for days and chill vibes of both Dan V Hefner and Shway, the hard broiled New York style of Fayde, and the serenading siren that is Koi Kurama this group has everything going for them and it’s only a matter of time before everyone is shouting “Chapter Black!” in unison at your next function.

Alright! Thanks for sitting down with me guys…to get into it, what were the origins of Chptr Blk? How did you all gravitate toward each other to form the group?

Dan: Twitter lol

Koi: Chapter Blk originated from the group ATF (animetaskforce), it was something I just kind of stumbled across and took interest in. Most of that kats were musically inclined or produced, etc. Everybody did some form of art, it was like a huge collective of artistic ass niggas.

Shway: Well the name ‘Chapter Black’ came from an anime reference, and anime and music through social media is pretty much how we connected.

Blackout: The origins of the group were really the remnants of the hardest working members of ATF, besides Kai & Mac. (love those 2)

Fayde: An ex member actually got me into it he found my music on SoundCloud and kept wanting to work with me so I finally did it. And when the song dropped everybody from the squad was like you’re raw get down and we been grinding ever since


Seeing how Dan V is in Virginia, Blackout is in Texas, and the remaining members are in Florida…is distance a major concern for you all when planning your next step?

Dan: Highkey
Koi: It def has its pros & cons. I mean these niggas are family but everybody know they gotta hold it down where they at. I mean we all in different places, i look at it as more room to take over.
Shway: It’s probably our biggest obstacle when trying to do things in the flesh. But the music waits for no one we keep workin’.
Blackout: Distance isn’t a major concern, in my opinion its a good thing for us. We have different looks and styles and knowledge, and bringing that together can only be beneficial.
Fayde: It’s difficult it causes it’s issues but at the end of the day we’ve been doing this for a long time together. A lot of people have left. All the real ones are the ones still here workin

How would you all say 2015 has been for your own specific sound and how it contributes to how Chptr Blk is perceived to the larger world? 

: 2015 was up and down for me. I was trying hard to find my niche but as of lately I said fuck it and let go all that pressure of finding “a sound” it’s been nice since 🙂
Koi: 2015 has been slow for me, working on this project (Green House) i’ve been sitting on for a while now, but single wise i’ve gotten a lot of feed back in general from people, blogs, etc. Constructively i’ve had a good year, and i’m excited for what 2016 holds. Chptr Blk in general is more of a platform for us all in my opinion, together as a group you couldn’t define us because every single artist here has a different aesthetic.
Shway: I’d say my sound keeps progressing and it always will. Adapting to new forms. And for ‘Chapter Black’, I’d like for it to be perceived as a group known for its versatility, creativity and rawness
Blackout: 2015 is when i found my sound and because im getting better at doing what I do, the work process with the other BLK members can only get smoother and smoother.
Fayde: 2015 was the year we all spent time working on progressing our solo ventures and working on making our sounds as good as they can be. As artists were all separate so perception of Chapter Black is important to us. 2015 was a very pivotal year for thatIMG_20160111_221525
In today’s world forming groups seem to be the go to thing for local artists to do as a means to “speed up” the process of making it to the big leagues. Do you all see more unison when it comes to people making music or more solo acts?

: Depends. It’s been solo for me.
Koi: That’s a hard question to answer. I feel like being in a music group is one of the hardest things you could do. Everybody has a opinion,everybody wants to do whats best for the group but not everybody feels the same. Its hard when it comes down to separating business from personal,etc.  But it can be beneficial when you got a bunch of raw niggas making noise.
Shway:  I’d say it’s almost 50/50
Blackout: To be honest, we dont have as much musical unity as you would expect a grouo to have in my opinion. But that doesnt hurt us like other collectives. We support each others’ solo endeavors. Its not about ‘speeding up the process’ with us. It’s just about making the shit happen.
Fayde: Yeah it helps. Koi has different fans then Dan and Dan has different fans then Blackout and so on and so forth so when I do songs with Koi our fans come together, but we’re a family. It’s not about the music. If I quit rapping I’m not going to get kicked out of BLK. We are BLK not the music.
blackAs far as known and solidified rappers and artists who is everyone listening to as of late?

: Dimmu borgir and frivgang
Koi: My current go to’s are : Kali Uchis, Jay Rock, Bryson Tiller, and Anderson Paak.
Shway: Snoop Doggs ‘BUSH’ album and Curren$y
Blackout: I’m listening to a lot of Robb Banks, Freddie Gibbs, Kodak Black, Future, Young Thug, & Xavier Wulf. As far as established rappers go.
Fayde: Slugger Slugger lol. But yeah Slug Christ man. That guy has a gift that the world needs to hear. But I been listening to like alternative lately too. Alina Baraz is baby as fuck.
At one time or another you all have performed at an event and how do you handle mistakes or bounce back from a performance that might not have gone over too well?

: If the homies are out seeing me they will tell me off rip what I did right and wrong. If nobody is there to critique me then I just get high and think of new ways I can do to make shit interesting. I don’t think of negative shit too much.  Learning experiences are key. You. Feel. Me. 
Koi: Have faith in yourself. Thats really there is to it, my first show my niggas was scared I was just gon fuck up and pass out on stage lol. It was hilarious but they told me to just keep singing no matter what, if i fuck up dont stop just keep going, cause niggas only gon notice if you let them.
Shway: I leave it all on the stage each time  good or bad. As long as I feel I killed it.
Blackout: I dont mean ro come off as arrogant when I say this but to be 100% honest I’ve never had a bad set at a show, so I’ve never had to try to bounce back. All of my shows have been T’d as FUCK. LOVE all my supporters and the people that come out.
Fayde: Man you just gotta get up there and love what you’re doing. You’ll never have a bad performance if you love what you’re doing


How do you handle making music and moving forward as a unit while handling other obligations like working and other ventures you might have away from music?

: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-
Koi: Business is business. Simple, all my bros know if we need one another then we there. We always gon look out. When it comes down to it though, we each singly have to handle our own careers, cause nobody gon pave the way for us but ourselves. I got faith in all my niggas, we gon make it
Shway: One word. Breathe.
Blackout: I don’t “handle it”. I’m absolute shit at balancing my time between my daughter, recording/writing, working, doing shows, and apending time with my mom/pops/sister. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day and I’m becoming distant from my family because of it so I stay high to distract myself.
But I chose this, right?
Fayde: You just gotta focus and get it when you can get it you can’t miss any opportunities. And put your squad on every chance u get
You can follow the exploits of all of the Chapter Black on their various Twitter Profiles above and their various Soundclouds at the following links (Koi) (Fayde) (Dan) (Blackout) (Shway)