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All we do here at Senclaire is look at creatives, and I’m being serious. Literally all we do is sit back and watch as artists from all over the world create and publish their art for the people, and we love that. The way creatives work now is that their so proud of their work and accomplishments, they don’t stop. There’s nothing holding them back from letting them express their interest and loves through their art. So recently, we got the chance to speak with artist Celia from the Bay Area. As an artists Celia’s preferences for her expressions are through her actual art pieces and the custom designs she does on clothing. This isn’t the first fashion post we’ve done, but this is on of the first custom designer posts we’ve ever had. An excellent interview to add to the collection, you can read the conversation between me and Celia below.

Who are you?

Celia: I’m an artist born & raised in the Bay Area in California (Berkeley/Oakland area).

What is it that you do?

Celia: I’d like to say that I have a good variety of things that I do. I paint/draw, dance, customize clothes, design, & play several instruments (piano, bass, guitar, & the ukulele). I’ve been doing all of these things on & off since I was 4 years old but now I’m ready to permanently take them all on & do more things in the future.

Meet Celia

Meet Celia

4 years old? So you’ve been doing this for a

while now? Did your parents put you on or did it just come to you?

Celia: Yeah, well I started painting and playing this instrument called the harpsichord (pretty similar to the piano) when I was 4, and then I dropped that to play the piano, but I didn’t like that so I switched to teaching myself the guitar & ukulele. My mom was the one that put me on to the harpsichord & the piano, my dad put me on to painting, & I picked the rest up on my own. I guess you could say I got my traits from my parents because my mom was a dancer & my dad did well.. everything else haha.

What inspired to you switch to guitar & ukulele from the harpsichord?

Celia: I just wanted to keep broadening my abilities to be honest. I wanted to get into the drums too around that time, but it just never ended up happening. There were a lot of things I used to be interested in, but I gave up on a lot of them.

What’s it like growing up in Bay Area? Did living there influence your art at all?

Celia: Growing up in the Bay Area, I honestly had never been involved with the community until early this year. I never knew how many artists and creatives there were in the Bay until I started going to events, art shows, live performances, all that. The creatives here, they’re literally insane. I’ve met so many talented people who have become friends & inspired me through their passions. I feel like I wouldn’t be as invested as I am now with my art had I not lived here and met these people.

At that point when you started to involve yourself in the community more, what form of art were you most focused on? Or has the multitasking always been a factor?

Celia: I was definitely focused on my visuals the most. By the beginning of the summer I had showcased my art for the first time at my friend’s art gallery show block party type thing, and being able to have that opportunity pushed me more to invest into being an artist. As for the multitasking, that’s something I’m still trying to learn how to do and still have an equal balance of all of it.

How did the art show go?

Celia’ stolen Koi Fish piece /: pls return to owner

Celia: It was a lot of fun, I met a lot of amazing & talented people. One of my canvases actually got stolen off the wall though.

Damn! Someone swiped a piece from you??? 

Celia: Yeah !!! It was this painting of a couple koi fish. It was especially sad losing it because I had actually used my friend’s photograph (she’s a photographer) as a photo reference.

What percentage of your work would you say comes from the inspiration of other pieces? , like photos, movies, or even songs

Celia: I wanna say about 50% of the pieces I do are inspired by other pieces. They usually don’t correlate visual wise though, my piece and the inspired one. I always notice certain details from a piece and I’m like “oh this reminds me of this” & it transpires. If somebody else’s piece does inspire me to do something similar I’m definitely going to credit the source.

When drawing which elements of design and structure do you pay the most attention to?

Celia: I don’t know that’s a pretty hard question, because I always look into the future. Like, what am I going to create next, what will be better than what I’m creating in that moment, what projects & pieces will help me improve my technique. Stuff like that.

Do you think you could describe your art in a few words?

Celia: Ah man this is difficult. The only word I can think of is progression. It’s kind of like a constant change I guess, I don’t like sticking to one style anymore. I always have to branch out and try everything.

How did you get into customizing and designing clothes?

Celia: I started customizing clothes with my art because I wanted to try a different type of canvas. I figured well I love clothes & I love art why not create both into one subject? Honestly I used to dress horribly. After I got into art I guess it affected every aspect of myself, including.

ng my style. As for the designing part, I’m still working on releasing what I’ve created. I have this sketchbook full of designs & ideas & I’m excited to see the final product.

Do you have any specific clothes you like to draw on the most?

Celia: Jackets and pants most definitely.

Do you think you’ll ever switch to different pieces?

Celia: Most definitely. Everybody’s preferences and visions change all the time.

Do you sell your clothing pieces or are they 1/1?

Celia: I’ve made customs specifically for people but they’re all 1/1.

Have you ever thought of starting your own brand?

Celia: Website coming soon.

Is there anything else we should be looking out for from you?

Celia: I don’t like to say too much about what I have planned before I do it. 🙂

Anything to say to the fans who’ll read this?

Celia: Hahaha I don’t think fans is an applicable word, but I do wanna say thank you to anybody that’s supported me at some point in my progression as an artist & it’s only going to get better from here.

For more art by Celia you can follow her on Twitter & Instagram. We hope you enjoyed this interview!