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Even though they are behind the scenes they are above the music by helping bring your favorite songs to life. I’d like to introduce you to Captincrunch Beats who’s currently working on “crunch and friends” coming to you this Fall. His work has been recognized by Smokepurpp, Warhol.ss, Lil Citgo, and more. Caring more about quality than consistency, here’s a little information on what he’s doing in regards to producing for 2016 and beyond.

Who are you and how old are you? 

Crunch: I go by Captaincrunch beats, I am an 18 year old producer from Sequoyah County, Oklahoma.

How’d  you come up with your name?

Crunch: I really don’t know deadass. I just couldn’t think of anything, so I just picked some shit and ran with it. I didn’t even fuck with Cap’n Crunch cereal growing up. I honestly hate the name at this point I would probably change it if I could.

How long have you been producing music? 

Crunch: I started producing like sophomore year in high school, after I quit the basketball team. I didn’t take it serious until about this time last year.


What made you realize you wanted to produce?

Crunch: I really don’t know I mean, I was always interested in music and shit. I played guitar and bass in a few bands growing up. I wasn’t really thinking about producing on some serious conscious decision shit, more like I just had some free time on my hands. I really just downloaded a pirated version of fl studio and started experimenting with shit.

Who are your biggest influences?

Crunch: My biggest influences producing wise are Zaytoven, Cardo, Lex Luger, Trapmoney Benny, Madlib, Jaysplash, Mf Doom, and Clams Casino.

What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on ? 

Crunch: Most of the shit I worked on with artists was just singles type shit. My first official project Crunch and Friends (coming out early next month) I think will have some of my best work on it.

What exactly is crunch & friends?

Crunch: A project that has beats created by me and songs by various artists I fuck with.

Who are your favorite artist you’ve gotten to work with?

Crunch: It’s constantly changing but like Smokepurpp, Ski mask, Yung Bans, Nolanberollin, Warhol.ss, Lil West, and Lil Citgo are just a few.

What are your goals for producing?

Crunch: I wanna make the leap to a professional level. Actually get in the studio with artists on major labels, getting royalties for song I produced so I can do this shit for a living. Underground producers usually don’t get paid worth shit. I’m trying to make this shit a sustainable career and not just some sorta hobby. This music shit all I care about For real.

How would you describe your style of producing ?

Crunch: I guess diverse. I try to branch out and develop my sauce in various areas, and styles & shit instead of just making the same kind of beats over and over again.


Do you care about the quality of the artist you work with or is the cash all that matters? 

Crunch: I’ve always been a strong believer that once you perfect the quality, and the substance side of your craft and invest in artists you fuck with heavy, the money aspect will come naturally. With hard work and patience, but at the same time shit doesn’t always work out. Ideally like that and often times artists (especially bigger ones) will try to leech or come up off a producer. So a lot of my decisions with like who to give beats, and who not to depends on the situation.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans or anything you want to let them know ? 

Crunch: Big shoutouts to Dufflebagboyz (DBB ) and Last Laugh, and shoutout every one else I fuck with we going up 2017.

And that’s all for our interview with Crunch. If you already don’t follow him on Twitter catch up with him at @capcrunchbeats. Peep songs he likes and songs he’s produced on his SoundCloud listed below. If that’s to much work, simply Google him.