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New York has all types of music circulating through it’s boroughs. This time around, we’re focusing on the pop infused BXHXLD and you’re going to learn about the man that thinks “New York Is Trying To Kill Him”

Thanks for doing this interview man! For the unfamiliar who exactly is BXHXLD? – Concise answer is: BXHXLD is a singer/writer/producer from Brooklyn, NY.
How’d you get the name BXHXLD? – Before going by BXHXLD I was the front man in the band i created, The Free Radical. In 2012 the band split up and had to figure things out as a solo artist. I felt that the work I did with The Free Radical was underrated so I wanted to re-brand with a new, powerful name that automatically let people know how I felt about myself. I felt like I was really good at making music and I knew I worked hard enough to become great one day, so like… BEHOLD! BEHOLD made me feel powerful. It made me feel otherworldly. I decided to replace the vowels with X’s because it looked cooler and made it easy AF to find me online cuz I’m literally the only thing comes up when you search BXHXLD. Lolll
When did you first know you wanted to be a musician? – Around 2009 is when I decided I wanted to be a musician. I grew up singing in the choir and playing piano so music was always a part of my life, but in 2009 I knew I wanted to do it for real.
When you went solo, what were some of your immediate thoughts on how to brand yourself and get your music out? – Getting my music out was simple since I always wrote, produced and mixed the stuff for the band. I just continued doing that for myself. Branding was a bit of a journey. I still really don’t have a “brand.” My whole purpose as a musician is to uplift people and make them feel great about themselves. I want my fans to embrace everything they love about themselves and never be afraid do so out loud.
Have you always lived in New York? How do you think your environment effects your music and the audience your trying to share it too? – I went to college at University of Maryland and stayed down there for about a year after graduating. Then I lived in LA for a year before coming back to New York. Living outside of NYC helped me sooooo much musically. I would’ve never become as good a producer as I am now without living in those other cities. I got to learn the different rhythms that made people move. I learned the melodies that peak people’s interest. All these things differ from place to place. I’m forever grateful for those times and I can’t wait to branch out further into the world and gain more knowledge.
Who’re your musical inspirations? – My main influences right now are my youth choir director, Kurt Fausett, Prince, Jeff Buckley, and Pharrell (even though he’s problematic AF these days lol).

How do you view the New York music scene as it stands? – Wow. The New York music scene? Loll. Ummmmmm I’d have to say the correct answer is karaoke. The New York music scene is karaoke.
What’s the journey of creating songs and performing been like for you as you look back? – Making mistakes and learning from them. I made so many mistakes and I’m so happy about all of them. So many times along the way I’ve thought, “THIS IS THE ONE!!! I DID IT,” and every single time I learn that I still have so much more work to do. It’s really humbling and beautiful. This whole journey has been humbling and beautiful and I’m grateful.
What’s the last year been like for you? Your songs and project “New York Is Trying To Kill Me” have been a breath of fresh air.  – First, thank you for saying that. That sentiment is very much appreciated. The past year has been great. It’s the first time in my whole career that I feel like I ACTUALLY know what I’m doing. My main focus has been consistency, though. Over the past year I’ve been committed to releasing great music on a consistent basis. It’s really easy to get lost in the sea of content when your a musician on the rise, so I have to stay fresh of people’s minds. It’s been fun. There’s not time to get stagnant or lazy. I have to stay inspired and stayed creative. It’s really a blessing.
Has social media helped any in how you come across to people and how your music gets heard? – Social media has helped me tremendously. Most of my following is a product of my online presence. My irl friends are all older than me and have kids and shit. Cool thing is that many online ppl have become real friends.

What’s 2017 shaping up to be like for BXHXLD? – 2017 has been great so far. I released a new song, “I’m Doing Well,” and it’s been so well-received. I have plans to release an album and a bunch of music videos in the near future. I think things are going to be good for me this year. I’m speaking it into existence.

Where do you see your music career going at the end of the day? – I see myself being one of the best producers of all time. I want to make about 5 albums for myself and then make classics for others.

To wrap up, what would you tell other aspiring artists out there as far as wise words go? – Number one pro tip: Patience. Every single time you think you’ve done something good the universe will be ready to present another obstacle that proves you have much more work to do.  Just be patience and embrace the hard work.

Listen to more of the music by BXHXLD on his Soundcloud here! and keep up with his tweets on Twitter